Accommodation for non-students: luxury apartments

Student accommodation shared living space with snooker table and sofa

When choosing somewhere to live after you graduate, you have so many choices, especially once you get started in a career. If you are interested in living in style and comfort, then luxury accommodation might be something to consider, but finding accommodation with all the features you need, that also fits within you budget, can be challenging.

In this article, we will look at why you might want to choose luxury accommodation, and how it compares to other housing options that are available to you. We’ll discuss considerations when looking for luxury accommodation to rent and how renting with Mansion Student might be a good option for your lifestyle and budget.

Why choose luxury accommodation?

Student accommodation shared living space with snooker table and sofaLiving in luxury student accommodation may have been something you aspired to during university. If you relish in home comforts and you have a little more to spend on accommodation since starting a career, here are some additional reasons why you might want to opt for luxury in your next apartment.

Luxury apartments are unrivalled in their enhanced functionality, privacy and security. Mansion Student can offer 24 hour security, CCTV and contents insurance. You may have some valuable items that you wouldn’t have dared to leave in your student room. Also, luxury apartments often have secure parking for cars, bikes, and motorcycles.

Luxury accommodation often have a range of in-building facilities, such as gyms, pools, a cinema room and games rooms, and even a work/study area. This can be incredibly practical and convenient if you have a busy working life and want everything you need for leisure, under one roof. This might also be an economical option if you find yourself paying for gym or swimming pool memberships and social spaces separately.

You may also find that your neighbours will share similar priorities and may be in a similar position in their career. This can be helpful in building a network of friends if you have moved to a new city. Make the most of your building’s communal area and games room to build social connections.

Features of your apartment, such as, a balcony, beautiful city views, en-suite bathrooms, additional storage and more room, may convince you to choose luxury accommodation. If location is important to you, luxury apartments are often found in the heart of the city, giving you easy access to everything you need, such as your workplace, bars, restaurants, and national transport links. If anything, this may save you the money and hassle of travelling long distances between your home and the city centre.

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Luxury vs other accommodation options

Being able to afford luxury accommodation is a key requirement for choosing this accommodation option. However, if comfortable, stylish living is not a priority in your budget, there are alternative choices available to you as a non-student.

Studio flat

You might wish to think about a studio apartment. These usually do not offer a lot of room compared to luxury accommodation however, the compromise in size may mean that amazing in-building amenities are still available, or you may have more modern student accommodation options available to rent. Read about the benefits of studio flats here.

Flat shares

Flat shares or house shares can also be a good option if you wish to spread the cost of luxury living by having a large, shared kitchen and living area while also having private, usually en-suite rooms. This can also help you to meet new people or give you the option to live with current friends. It can be an easy way to live in luxury and/or centrally, as all-inclusive rent tends to be lower in shared accommodation. Read more about the benefits of share flats here.

Student flats

Luxury, private accommodation is a huge step up from student housing or university halls. The shared accommodation is usually located near campus buildings, however, as a non-student, this may not be as central as required. Mansion Student offers luxury accommodation at the heart of the city where you can be located near all the amenities you need.

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Considerations for luxury accommodation

When you opt for luxury accommodation, you are paying for the additional convenience and stylish, comfortable living, so you need to decide exactly what you want and need.

The first consideration is which city you want to live in and whether it is important that you are central. You can be sure about central, luxury living with Mansion Student accommodation. Get in touch today to enquire about our luxury accommodation in central city locations.

Next, think about your lifestyle and budget; can you afford to level up your accommodation? Think about what kind of features and facilities are your priorities. Would you get the most out of a games room/social space to connect with other residents or an outdoors space to relax? Having a safe, underground parking option might be the most important feature for you. Does your luxury accommodation have room for guests, or do you want to share your home to meet new people? This could impact you decision on living in private or shared luxury accommodation.

Large, private roof terrace at student accommodation building

Renting with Mansion Student

If you are a student looking for affordable, luxury living, Mansion Student may be able to offer suitable purpose-built student accommodation. We have modern, central studio flats or luxury shared accommodation. We can offer accommodation for a range of professional and non-students in both Sheffield and Newcastle, allowing you to enjoy the modern home comforts from the heart of the city.

If you are a UK student, an international student or a non-student enquire with us today and explore your options for luxury accommodation with Mansion Student.

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