Student accommodation: studio flats vs apartments

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If you are looking for student accommodation, you may be weighing up the options available. Not every student wants to share their space with others – and if you’re thinking of living alone, you can choose either a self-contained studio or a more spacious apartment.

Here, we look at the different apartment options for students and compare what a studio versus an apartment offers. We also explore why you might wish to choose either of these options for solo or shared living. Find out if Mansion Student could have the right student housing option for you.

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Apartment options for students

Do you want to move out of traditional university halls? When exploring your options for apartments, you may wish to look at a student studio apartment. These are usually single-room, single occupancy flats where the bedroom, living space and kitchen area are open plan, with a private en-suite bathroom.

A one-bedroom apartment is also usually designed for a single person, but the living space, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are separate. Open plan kitchens are not uncommon in one-bed apartments.

Another popular option when it comes to student accommodation is a shared apartment. This is a larger flat to accommodate a group of students; you may have friends with whom you want to live. Shared flats will have a shared kitchen/living room; however, some offer an en-suite bathroom if you are not comfortable with sharing a toilet/bathroom with others.

Studio flats

Open plan, single occupancy flats are usually more affordable to rent, enjoying a private, secure living space. Studio flats tend to attract students and younger tenants. In addition, the student studio flats are usually located near the city centre and for student accommodation, near campus buildings. Your neighbours will often be around your age and may even attend your university; you will be able to socialise with other fellow residents, especially if your building has amenities such as common rooms, games rooms or cinema rooms.

The affordability of studio flats comes at the cost of living and storage space. The open plan layout helps create space but can quickly become cluttered. If you are a social, outgoing student, you may also find it slightly isolating to live alone in a studio apartment since there is not much room for guests.

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Why choose a studio flat?

You may wish to choose a studio apartment if you have a lower budget and are happy to live alone. You may also want to focus on your studies, and living with other students would provide too much of a distraction. Offering limited storage and a smaller living space, a studio may be better suited to those with fewer possessions and who prefer a tidy and clutter-free living space., Studio flats are also an excellent option for students who have many university contact hours and do not need much living space, such as medics and law students.

1-bed apartments

A one-bedroom apartment is a private and spacious choice, with more room for storage. A bonus of having more room for yourself is the option to entertain your friends, which is difficult in a studio apartment. Many student properties are centrally located, giving you access to local amenities such as bars, restaurants and shops while also being close to campus.

While one-bedroom apartments provide excellent space, they are more expensive to rent than studio or shared flats. Living alone can also feel isolating at times for students who may want an active social life. However, many apartment blocks can offer social spaces such as common rooms, games rooms and cinema rooms for you to socialise with other residents and friends.

Why choose a 1-bed apartment?

A one-bedroom apartment is a perfect choice if you wish to live alone with the comfort of more living and storage space. You may want to choose this option if you have a higher budget for accommodation. You may be a homebody; in this case, you may wish to have the most comfortable living space possible.

If you have a partner to consider, you may find a one-bedroom apartment preferable. The higher price point may not be an issue if you are able to split the cost.

Shared flats

A shared flat is perfect for those who wish to have a more social living experience; communal living also comes with lower rental costs and more space in the communal area. Students tend to live with one another, and because of this, shared student flats are usually located centrally and near the university campus for easy commuting.

Shared flats offer limited privacy, as many have shared bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. This can be challenging if you choose to live with students you haven’t met. If you are concerned about this, you may want to opt for an en-suite student room so you can at least enjoy your private bathroom.

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Why choose a shared flat?

Socialising is part and parcel of being a student, so it’s understandable if you do not wish to live alone. A shared flat could be the right choice for you in this case, as it is a great way to connect with your current university friends or meet new ones. You must be comfortable sharing communal spaces with flatmates, potentially your bathroom. You may also want to choose a shared flat if you are on a lower budget as rent and utilities tend to be lower.

How Mansion Student can help

Since 2007, Mansion Student has acquired, developed and maintained modern student accommodations throughout some of the most popular student cities in the United Kingdom. We prioritise your welfare during your stay, and will help you through every stage of the booking and tenancy period. Browse through our different student accommodation locations below:

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Renting privately with Mansion Student

No matter what university experience you are looking for, Mansion Student can help you find the right accommodation type. We have an expansive variety of single occupancy and shared flats in major university cities in the United Kingdom, such as Newcastle, Leeds and Nottingham. We have accommodation suitable for undergraduates, postgraduates, international students and even non-students (in Newcastle).

With all-inclusive bills and 24/7 security features, Mansion Student is an easy and safe way to enjoy term time. We offer every student a double bed or a ¾-sized bed; we have fast, reliable Wi-Fi, study spaces and communal areas such as cinema and games rooms. Even if you choose to live alone, you can still enjoy a friendly and social environment.

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