Accommodation for non-students: flat shares

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Moving on from student life or away from home and into the professional sphere can be a big change for many reasons. Give thought to where you will work and the kind of lifestyle you want – leaving university and potentially moving to a new city can be challenging.

Shared flats are one way that you can find somewhere new to live and quickly build a social network. What are the benefits of shared flats for non-students, and what other accommodation options are there to rent? This article will address considerations when choosing a flat or house share and we will also cover who this kind of accommodation is best suited for.

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The benefits of shared flats for non-students

A Shared house or flat is a popular choice for non-students and young professionals since it is easier to socialise. You will still benefit from having a private room to retreat to, but the communal spaces make it easier to connect with others.

In addition to the social aspect of shared living, it can also provide good value for money, as utility bills and rent tends to be lower, since you will share a kitchen and living spaces and you may have a shared bathroom. There are also options for accommodation or private flat shares which only house professional tenants. This kind of professional accommodation is becoming more popular for people looking to live with others, while starting their career.

Shared flats vs other accommodation options

You may want to think about renting a private flat of your own. A one-room flat/apartment can be a good choice for non-students as they provide space and privacy, however, the rent and utilities may be higher than other options. You may also become more isolated, especially if you are used to living with others.

A studio flat is a good accommodation option for tenants on a lower budget. A studio usually has a single open-plan space containing your bed, living room area and kitchen, with a separate bathroom. If you work from home, you might find the lack of room difficult.

Student accommodation or student halls are great for socialising, while living on a relatively low budget. Of course, these university accommodation options cease to be available to you as a non-student, however, shared living is a great alternative and you may be able to afford a more luxury room to rent after leaving university.

Considerations for a flat share

When you are considering shared accommodation, it is important to think about what you are looking for from your living space, how you will split bills, as well as how this might impact your finances.

Council Tax

Living with uni friends may be exciting but as a non-student, you want to avoid living with students as this complicates council tax bills. Students of all ages are exempt from paying council tax, but this ceases to be the case after you graduate. Furthermore, if you are on a joint tenancy agreement with students, you will negate their council tax exemption, so the amount you pay may be much higher than anticipated (if your flatmates are not willing to contribute towards the bill).


It may be important to know who you are sharing your home with. Aim to find flatmates who are in similar positions as yourself. Consider age, lifestyle and career progression. You may also want to consider personality and gender if this is important to you. Use social media to find a suitable group of people to rent with. You can also ask your landlord to put you in contact with your housemates so that you can get to know them before you move in.


Are you situated near your place of work or are there good transport links? You may wish to live centrally. Mansion student has accommodation options to rent in the heart of UK cities including Newcastle. Our studio apartments are located such that you will certainly be able to access the amenities you desire.

If you are thinking about accommodation options in Newcastle and Sheffield, get in touch with Mansion Student at to find out more about your accommodation options.

Student accommodation community area with tv and sofas

Who should consider a flat share?

As we have mentioned, flat shares are a great way to make social connections for a range of people.


Flat sharing is especially good for international students who might not have an established network in the UK and want to build bonds from the comfort of home. Post-graduates can also benefit from flat sharing together, as this can be a way of maintaining a social life and keeping rent low.


Young professionals and apprentices are increasingly looking at shared accommodation as a way to save money on rent and build friendships in new cities – even couples are seeing the advantages. Flat shares with a double room can be more affordable than a studio flat, while providing more communal space and different people to engage with.

How Mansion Student can help

Since 2007, Mansion Student has acquired, developed and maintained modern student accommodations throughout some of the most popular student cities in the United Kingdom. We prioritise your welfare during your stay, and will help you through every stage of the booking and tenancy period. Browse through our different student accommodation locations below:

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Rent with Mansion Student

Are you looking to live in a flat share, but you aren’t sure where to start? Mansion Student can help you to find a flat share to rent that works for you. whether you are a student or a young professional. Our new accommodation is suitable for a range of students and non-students.

For young professionals or apprentices we offer studio flats and one-bedroom apartments in centrally located buildings. For students, we offer flats to share with the utility bill and WiFi included, we also offer en-suite bathrooms and on-site laundry rooms for convenience. We can offer excellent security features, friendly on-site hospitality staff and communal areas where you can get to know others from your building.

Frequently asked questions

What are disadvantages of sharing a flat?

You may experience challenges living in a shared flat especially if you were not well acquainted before moving in. Differences in personalities, daily habits, schedules, cleanliness, and finances may put a strain on your relationship with housemates.

How do you find people to share a flat with?

Use social media groups and flat share platforms. You can advertise that you are looking to join a flat share, or that you are looking for someone to join your flat share. Using social media allows you to virtually meet and vet each flatmate, before moving in.

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