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Mansion Student Testimonials

“Thank you for having me in this wonderful accommodation. I absolutely loved my stay and would love to come back if I need to stay for over a year. Louisa and Rachel were always there to resolve any problem, and I definitely had to say that I felt at home for the complete stay and I have already started missing the place. Nevertheless, I have a good feeling that I may be coming by sometimes as I have got amazing friends around as well as to visit my friends who will start staying with Mansion Tyne soon. 

Thanks again, and I will remember this place for the rest of my life as this is where I have pursued and completed my master’s education in the most uncertain times.”
Teja Kanteti, Mansion Tyne Newcastle

“I am very satisfied with my experience at Mansion Point. I booked a classic studio and moved in September 2020. The studio looks exactly like the pictures on the website. Although I arrived late on my check-in day, I was greeted by a Resident Student Warden who made sure I had everything I needed for my check-in. My flat is very suitable for studying online. I’ve been here for 8 months and I have not needed maintenance at all except for a minor blinder situation that was handled immediately by the maintenance team. CCTV cameras are everywhere. The accommodation is nicely located within walkable distance to Uni, and very very close to bus stops. The management team is extremely welcoming and always here for help when needed. They receive parcels on our behalf and provide sweets and goodies during celebrations (Christmas, Easter). As an international student, I feel very safe here, I highly recommend booking with them, it’s worth every penny in my opinion.”
Safae (Classic Studio), Mansion Point, Manchester

“I was particularly drawn to the beautiful communal areas and the amenities the building provided: onsite student wardens, 24/7 gym, reliable appliances and heating controls in the rooms. The price seemed reasonable for these added luxuries so this is the building I chose.”
Connor (Bronze Studio), Redvers Tower, Sheffield

“Redvers is a superb location as well as the great space and layout of the rooms, something we’d not seen in any of the other accommodations that we’d looked at.”
Emma and Ben (Gold Studio), Redvers Tower, Sheffield

“It’s a lot more modern and luxurious than most other student accommodations. The social spaces and gym were also super appealing. The fact that there is no-fee for dual occupancy was also a huge factor for us!”
Emily and Luke (One-bedroom apartment), Redvers Tower, Sheffield

“The location was perfect for me as it is close to bus stops and being in a studio means I will be able to cook and shower when my schedule suits after my 12.5 hour shifts. I loved the look of the rooms and actually clicked on the website as a joke as I assumed they would be way out of my budget. I looked and found they were affordable and contacted Mansion straight away”
(Studio Room), Redvers Tower Resident, Sheffield

“Redvers is an amazing location as its close proximity to the Hallam City Campus, train station and any shops I may need. As the layout of the apartments at Redvers vary, I was able to specifically ask to book a studio where the toilet and bedroom felt separate to the kitchen/living room. This was a massive advantage over other potential accommodation as I did not want to feel like I was living, sleeping, eating and working all in the same box room. I also didn’t find any other reasonably priced apartments that had a breakfast bar and sofa as additional seating (or anything similar), a bed and a desk was the extent of most other flats. The social spaces, specifically the gym, were a massive deciding factor too as I thought if I was living alone it was important I still interacted with other people”
Caitlin (Bronze studio), Redvers Tower, Sheffield

“Living in Ernest Place has so far been a complete delight, the quality of the accommodation is far superior than anywhere else in the same price range within Durham. The hospitality team here are not only extremely helpful but also extremely friendly and approachable and they make everyone feel individually valued at every encounter.”
Daniel Callaghan, Ernest Place, Durham

“The friendly, welcoming and nice staff made this place a great place to live. The staff was ALWAYS very helpful and engaged with the students genuinely. If it wasn’t for the staff, I could not call this place home.”
Burcin Baytemuer, Ernest Place, Durham

“The service I have received from the team has been beyond exceptional and has made my stay here a whole lot better. And it’s thanks to them that I’m staying here again in September.”
Ricky Coggan, Mansion Tyne, Newcastle

“I really enjoy living at Leodis because the rooms are very modern with a lovely en-suite and stylish shared kitchen. Leodis is a convenient 10 minute walk up to the university and close to the town centre. I like that we can report any maintenance problems online and that the staff are friendly and helpful. I feel very secure and safe living at Leodis and a member of staff or security is always available to help with any problems.”
Bethany Johnson, Leodis, Leeds

“I moved in the start of this term and loving every second of it so far. The gated fence makes you always feel safe, but also adds the community feel. The staff are always happy and friendly, and when anything needs fixing they have been quick to sort out the situation.

The room layouts are good, and the ensuites are ok. The kitchens are great, as they allow both enough room for cooking and dining as well as the sofa area being available for us to sit on when we are not. I have pretty much enjoyed everything about Leodis so far and am looking forward to spending the rest of my year here!”

Stefan Wrobel, Leodis, Leeds

“The rooms are a great size, as are the en suites and the kitchen. Everything is clean which made for a welcoming move. All of the staff are very kind and helpful and are available whenever you need them.”
Katie Spragg, Leodis, Leeds