What should you know about Dundee before booking student accommodation? | A full guide to Dundee’s student life

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Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland and is home to two universities; the University of Dundee and Abertay University. When choosing Dundee student accommodation, prospective students may want to consider housing close to certain criteria, such as nightlife, things to do, and local amenities.

This guide will explore what there is to do in Dundee as a student, including the city’s nightlife, popular student areas with the best amenities, and student accommodation options.

Does Dundee have good nightlife?

Both Perth Road and Dundee city centre are popular with students due to their nightlife. On Perth Road, The Speedwell Bar (also known as “Mennies”) is the starting point for the Perth Road pub crawl, with further pubs including The George Orwell and The Braes.

For late nights, Reading Rooms is the longest-running house and techno nightclub in Dundee, which has been converted from a former library.

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Which area in Dundee has the best amenities?

It is important to prioritise certain factors when choosing student accommodation; especially if you are moving to a new city like Dundee. Local amenities may help enhance your student experience and ensure everything you need is conveniently located. This may include the university (either Dundee University or Abertay University), university resources, good transport links, supermarkets, and other places of interest.

Perth Road is one of the main and busiest roads in Dundee’s West End; another popular Dundee student area. Due to its proximity to Dundee city centre, Perth Road is typically populated with students throughout the year and is within walking distance to both universities and Dundee train station. Along the road, there are a variety of shops, including big-brand supermarkets (Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express) and smaller convenience shops (SPAR).

Dundee students should also be aware that they will be eligible for a bus pass that allows free bus travel in Scotland.

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At Mansion Student, our Dundee student accommodation is just off Perth Road. Those staying at Peterson Hall will be within walking distance of the best amenities on Perth Road and the rest of the West End district and city centre.

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What are the best things to do in Dundee as a student?

Dundee is the first and currently the only UNESCO City of Design in the United Kingdom. It was chosen for its design, which is an integral part of Dundee’s culture. This, alongside the River Tay, the Tay Rail Bridge, and the Royal research ship RRS Discovery, make up Dundee’s landmarks and popular tourist attractions.

Dundee harbour with boatThere is also an abundance of cultural things to do in Dundee as a student, including the V&A Museum of Design, which is the only V&A Museum outside of London, and Broughty Castle Museum, which is free to enter and is located on the banks of the River Tay.

Other areas of interest for students include the Agacan Kebab House, one of the most popular restaurants in Dundee, and the music venue Caird Hall which has hosted a variety of well-known and influential musicians, including The Beatles and David Bowie.

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If you are a prospective Dundee student and are interested in exploring the city, ensure that you choose appropriate accommodation conveniently located. Peterson Hall is a short walk from Dundee city centre and close to popular tourist attractions, including the Discovery Point, RRS Discovery, and Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Peterson hall student accommodation room with desk and bedArrange a viewing at our Dundee student accommodation here.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to search for student accommodation in Dundee?

It is important to research student accommodation and compare the different utilities and resources Dundee housing options may offer. Start by exploring various housing websites that advertise student accommodation. Make sure to arrange a viewing of Dundee student accommodation as soon as possible.

Mansion Student provides Dundee student accommodation a few minutes away from Perth Road. Peterson Hall is a stylish and modern student accommodation with good amenities and within walking distance of Dundee University.

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If you’re interested in booking our Dundee student accommodation, please complete our online enquiry form or call us at 0800 652 7844.

What student accommodation types are available in Dundee?

You can choose from various types of student accommodation, depending on your specific needs and where you want to be based in Dundee. Typically, first-year students tend to live in student halls; however, the student halls for both Dundee University and Abertay University can seem dated and often smaller in size. There is also student housing that suits students on a tight budget.

Private student accommodation offers high-quality student living, with modern features and all utilities included in the price. This type of student accommodation tends to have a variety of room sizes available.

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Peterson Hall, our Dundee student accommodation, has the option of 2-bed shared apartments or 3-6 bed apartments, making them less crowded than other student housing. All kitchens are fitted with modern appliances, and there are also laundry facilities on-site.

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