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Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially when finding the perfect student home. The city of Dundee has much to offer; it is the sunniest and most affordable city in the United Kingdom. Moreover, this small city is home to a number of attractions, including a historical ship on the waterfront, the VA Dundee, shops and a floating assault course for thrill-seeking students.

Living comfortably and having your university campus and local amenities nearby will help you get the most out of your time studying at university. Choosing the best student accommodation comes down to location, property features and value for money. Here we discuss how to choose the best accommodation in Dundee. First, we will cover the best accommodation locations and explore the available property types. Finally, we discuss why Peterson Hall is a popular accommodation choice for undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students.

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Where is the best place to live in Dundee as a student?

Students flock to the West End of Dundee for its lively atmosphere and abundance of student-friendly pubs, restaurants and venues. Through the heart of the West End are Blackness Road and Perth Road – the most popular Dundee student locations to rent. Some students also choose to live in the vibrant city centre. Here we explore the attractions of each area.

Perth Road

Running west from the city centre is Perth Road, a lively street home to a wide range of bars, pubs, restaurants and takeaways, including the iconic George Orwell. The Perth Road shopping area is also second-to-none in the west end. As for student essentials, you are never far from a supermarket, with Sainsbury’s and Tesco nearby. Students living on Perth Road only have a short walk to either the University of Dundee or Abertay University. What’s more, West Park on Perth Road is a popular student hub in the summertime.

Young student with glasses point thumbs upBlackness Road

Running parallel to Perth Road, Blackness Road also has some attractive qualities. Students here are just a short walk from Perth Road. In addition, a choice of three parks and a recreation ground are only a short walk to the west. Students living on Blackness Road also only have a short walk to Abertay university, the University of Dundee or the city centre.

City centre

If you want to be closer to the action, then Dundee city centre living might be ideal. In the city centre, there is an abundance of shops, bars, clubs and restaurants on your doorstep. It’s an even shorter walk to the city’s central campus universities. However, the city is known for high congestion and noise pollution, which is worth considering if you enjoy quiet downtime or study from home. Finally, the outdoorsy student would only have to travel 20 minutes to enjoy a spot of greenery in Dundee city.

What are the accommodation types in Dundee?

Students can choose from various property types, including university halls of residence, student housing or private accommodation. Here we discuss each option to help you decide.

Student halls

Typically, students will choose university hall accommodation as their first home away from home. However, in Dundee, the student halls for both the University of Dundee and Abertay University can seem dated, and often smaller in size. You may want to choose a university flat for ease, affordability, or proximity to campus. However, there are more comfortable accommodation options available in Dundee.

Student Housing

Student housing is a step up from Dundee student halls. Students can share an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) with up to 10 other students. Student houses can offer modern amenities but are usually cheaply furnished and can be cramped, with limited space in communal areas. Student housing suits students on a tight budget but managing your own utilities can be challenging.

Modern student accommodation kitchen and dining spacePrivate student accommodation

Private accommodation offers high-quality student living with modern furnishings and plenty of desirable features. These features include larger beds, bedrooms and communal areas, a safe and secure environment and the option of an en suite room or a single occupancy flat. Private accommodation can be ideal for all students, including postgraduates and international students who may want the flexibility to choose their own room and flatmates.

What to look for in Dundee student accommodation?

Here is our brief guide to booking your Dundee student accommodation. You will need to consider property location, features and value for money – look for bonus features to get your money’s worth.


Choose accommodation on or near Perth Road, ideally towards the universities and Dundee city centre. This will make commuting to campus and the city easy, additionally, you will be close to everything you need, including pubs, bars, shops and supermarkets.


Look for features such as all-inclusive bills, making finances more manageable. Check for comfortable communal areas and bedrooms so you can enjoy socialising and relaxing with friends. Identify your storage possibilities. Finally, look for high-speed broadband; you will need it as a student.

Value for money

Look for bonus features – does your accommodation have good security (CCTV, contents insurance etc.)? Are maintenance and hospitality staff responsive to your requests? Check online reviews to get a feel for how students rate their experience.

Why rent at Peterson Hall?

Peterson Hall, on Roseangle, is minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Perth Road; it’s located less than 10 minutes from the University of Dundee and 11 minutes away from a large Tesco. Mansion Student’s Peterson Hall is a short walk from Magdalen Green – a space for students to let off some steam. At the same time, Dundee city centre and the train station are easy walking distance too.

Peterson hall student accommodation room with desk and bedThe accommodation has been rated in the top three best student accommodations in Dundee by Student Crowd due to its value for money, location, and site features. Peterson Hall flats are modern and well-maintained, with large, comfortable bedrooms and communal areas. Our kitchens are equipped with all the appliances a student could need, and our high-speed broadband and bedroom study space are ideal for students studying from home.

What’s more, our 24/7 CCTV, contents insurance, and electric fob entry system will give you peace of mind, while, our hospitality and maintenance team are always quick to deal with any accommodation requests. We pride ourselves on being flexible and supportive, helping students get the most out of their student experience at any stage.

At Peterson Hall, you can share with up to 6 other students, and there are options for an en suite bathroom for additional privacy. If you prefer quieter living, a 2-bed flat is available for you and a friend.

If you are interested in purpose-built student accommodation in Peterson Hall, contact us today to inquire about booking your space for the following academic year.

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