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Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland and is a hidden gem often forgotten about. In the city, Dundee has two universities; the University of Dundee and Abertay University. Both universities have various campuses across the city and graduate more students into professional jobs than any other Scottish city.

For students who are looking to move into the city, it is important to prioritise certain factors to choose student accommodation accordingly. This may include the Dundee nightlife, accommodation close to the university and other educational resources, or close to a supermarket.

This guide will look at the most popular student areas in Dundee, where these are in the city and their local amenities.

Where are local amenities in Dundee’s West End?

Dundee’s West End encompasses the area from Blackness Road to the River Tay. The largest and most popular residential area in Dundee, there are several student housings in West End and is located nearby to various amenities and transport links.

Aerial view of dundeeUniversities and resources

The University of Dundee has its main campus in West End, making it a popular location for students. The main campus includes various buildings including the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Matthew Building for Architecture and the University Library open to Dundee students.

  • University of Dundee: six-minute walk

  • Abertay University: nineteen-minute walk

At Mansion Student, we provide Dundee student accommodation, located at Peterson Hall in West End. This private student accommodation is a six-minute walk to the campus, its library and learning centre.

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In Dundee’s West End, there are several supermarkets that students can go to. On the riverside, there is a large Tesco Extra that also has a petrol station. Closer to the centre of West End, there is a Sainsbury’s Local and a Co-op, which may be more convenient to you, depending on your location. There is also a Poundstretcher for those on a budget.

  • Tesco Extra: twenty-one-minute walk

  • Sainsbury’s Local: six-minute walk

  • Co-op Food: eleven-minute walk

Student looking at a product from the shelf in a shopTransport links

Dundee’s West End is located next to the city centre, meaning that there are prominent transport links available. The train station in Dundee is a twenty to thirty-minute walk (depending on your location in West End). There are also various bus stops along its busiest roads; Perth Road and Blackness Road. Close to West End is also Dundee Airport, which is convenient for international students and those wishing to travel during their studies.

  • Dundee Train Station: twenty to thirty-minute walk

  • Dundee Airport: twenty-nine-minute walk

Dundee students should be aware that there they are eligible for a bus pass that allows free bus travel in Scotland. Xplore Dundee provides the Young Persons’ Freedom Pass (16-21) which applicants can apply for with a valid National Entitlement Card (NEC).

Peterson Hall is opposite a bus stop and is a five-minute walk to the McVicar’s Lane bus stop on Perth Road. Find out more information on our student accommodation in Dundee’s West End here.

What amenities are on Perth Road?

Perth Road is one of the main roads in Dundee’s West End; stretching from the A85 Riverside to the city centre. Due to its central location in West End and its proximity to the city centre, Perth Road is typically populated with students throughout the year.

Down Perth Road, there are also various Guest Houses, ideal for those on holiday or parents visiting their children during term time.

  • University of Dundee: ten-minute walk

  • Abertay University: twenty-minute walk

  • Train Station: twenty-minute walk


Perth Road is home to some of the finest and most convenient shops in Dundee. There are various big-brand supermarkets, along with smaller convenience shops. The walking distance to these from various student accommodations depends where it is on the long road!

  • Sainsbury’s Local: five-minute walk

  • Tesco Extra: fifteen to forty-minute walk

  • SPAR Perth Road: five-minute walk

Other non-essential shopping includes; The Book Attic, which is a second-hand book shop; Le Freak Records, a record shop; West End Butchers and a few charity shops.

If you are considering whether you should live in student accommodation on Perth Road, read our advice centre.

What amenities are closest to Blackness?

Likewise, Blackness Road is one of the main roads that runs through the West End. The area, Blackness, is north of Dundee’s West End and was prominent for its industrial development from the eighteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Nowadays, Blackness is a popular student area and is also known for being a conservation area.

  • University of Dundee: fifteen-minute walk

  • Abertay University: twenty-five-minute walk

  • Train Station: twenty-five-minute walk

Along Blackness Road, there are a number of small, local shops, including convenience shops, newsagents and the Blackness Road Post Office.


Blackness Road leads onto a series of parks that surround the Royal Victoria Hospital. These parks include Victoria, Balgay and Lochee Park. Students may be interested in unwinding outside of studying or taking part in the numerous sports activities available.

In Balgay Park, there is also the Mills Observatory that offers free admission for visitors to use the telescopes and planetarium.

What amenities can students go to in Dundee city centre?

The centre of any city is typically its busiest, and Dundee is no exception. There are various things to do and popular places for students to visit. Apart from West End, it is the place with the most amenities available for Dundee students and is in the middle of both universities.

  • University of Dundee: fifteen-minute walk

  • Abertay University: nine-minute walk

  • Train Station: five-minute walk

However, one disadvantage of living in a city centre is that it can be very noisy and busy; especially on a weekend. For students looking for a quieter place, consider Peterson Hall which is just a fifteen-minutes from the city centre. Find out more about Peterson Hall here.


Alongside the other supermarkets already mentioned, in the centre of Dundee, there are a couple of Tesco Expresses, an M&S, and more cost-effective shops like Lidl and Home Bargains.

Albert square in dundeeFor non-essentials, the city centre also has shopping outlets. The Overgate Shopping Centre includes popular brands, such as Primark, Boots and JD Sports, and the Wellgate Centre has various community hubs like the Central Library and a place for the public to borrow tools and equipment.

Make sure you are prepared for living in Dundee as a student by booking accommodation as soon as possible. You should consider the amenities that are important to you and find a suitable location.

For more information on choosing student accommodation in Dundee, browse our advice centre.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dundee the sunniest city in Scotland?

According to many outlets, Dundee is the sunniest city in Scotland. In 2019, the Scottish city recorded more winter sun than anywhere else in the UK; with 220.8 hours between December and February.

What shops are there in Dundee?

Dundee city centre is a vibrant place full of various shops. The Overgate Shopping Centre is popular amongst tourists, locals and students. There is also Assai Records, which is an indie record shop and local gift shops to remember your time in Dundee.

If you are looking to book Dundee student accommodation, consider Peterson Hall, just off Perth Road. The luxury flats have all bills included and secure facilities. Enquire today at Mansion Student.

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