Choosing student accommodation | Should you live on Perth Road as a Student in Dundee?

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As the sunniest city in Scotland, Dundee attracts 20,000 students yearly with its two universities – the University of Dundee (UoD) and Abertay University. A recent study finds that the city is the most affordable city for students in the United Kingdom.

Interestingly, indie rock band Snow Patrol met and formed at Dundee University, playing their pioneering gigs in the local pubs and the Students’ Union. Dundee has a fantastic choice of facilities, given its size. The VA Dundee is the first design museum in Scotland, and the docks host everything from historic ships and museums to modern shopping and a floating obstacle course.

Dundee is not a massive city, so the hunt for a place to rent is relatively straightforward, regardless of whether you’re an undergraduate, a postgraduate or an international student. As with any search for student accommodation, you will want to prioritise location (near campus) along with property facilities, safety and value for money. Here, we explore the best places for students to rent in Dundee to help you find your perfect student property.

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Where is the best place to live as a student in Dundee?

Dundee’s universities are centrally located, and many choices are available that are close to campus. First, we explore the popular West End – including the lively Perth Road and Blackness Road. Then we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in Dundee city centre.

West End

Dundee’s West End lies west of the city centre and encompasses the area between Blackness Road and the River Tay. Perth Road and Blackness Road are the central roads that run through the West End. These streets are some of the liveliest in the city and attract students year after year.

Young woman celebrating in green sweaterPerth Road

Perth Road is probably the most popular student location for accommodation. The road and the surrounding neighbourhood have pubs, bars, cafes and supermarkets. The Perth Road shopping area offers vintage clothing stores and vinyl record shops, to name a few. Other benefits of Perth Road include:

  • An 8-minute walk to the University of Dundee

  • A moderate 20-minute walk to Abertay University

  • A 17-minute walk to the city centre and train station

  • A wide range of pubs/bars and restaurants nearby

  • A Sainsbury’s grocery shop on Perth Road and a large Tesco within easy walking distance

  • Nearby green space, including West Park and Magdalen Green

Blackness Road

The more suburban Blackness Road has better access to larger green spaces, including Victoria Park and recreation grounds, while offering a good selection of local pubs and a convenience store for everyday student essentials. Blackness Road joins Perth Road, so it’s never far from the excitement of Perth Road. Some other benefits of Blackness Road include:

  • A 12-minute walk from the University of Dundee

  • A 20-minute walk from Abertay University

  • A moderate walk to the city centre and train station

  • A good selection of local pubs, restaurants, and takeaways

  • A local convenience store on Blackness Road and walking distance to Sainsbury’s on Perth Road.

  • Local green spaces include: Balgay, Victoria Park, Lochee and the recreation grounds

City centre

City centre living puts you in the middle of Dundee’s commercial hub, making it easy to access a vast range of shops and venues. However, central living is not for everyone. Congestion is a problem in the city, and you may discover that, despite the convenience of attractive amenities on your doorstep, a breath of fresh air may be harder to come by with the nearest green space, 20 minutes away (Dudhope Park). Some additional benefits of city centre living include:

  • A short 5-minute walk to the train station

  • Less than 10 minutes to Abertay University

  • A moderate 16-minute walk to the University of Dundee

  • Many local pubs, bars, restaurants and takeaways.

  • A more extensive choice of local supermarkets – Lidl, Tesco, Iceland and oriental supermarkets

Dundee halls of residence vs private accommodation

Every student, first year or final year, must consider what they want from their university experience, this will significantly influence where they choose to rent. Many first-year students head straight to halls of residence. Still, plenty of high-quality rental options offer the communal student living experience within easy walking distance of campus and the city centre.

Halls of residence

The University of Dundee and Abertay have well-established student halls. Belmont, Halthfield and Keiller Court are very close to the city centre and other useful amenities, while Seabrae is near Perth Road. Parker House, Merry Halls and the slightly more modern Old Mill are north of the city centre and closer to Abertay and the city centre. West Park Villas is located a bit further to the west of the city.

Student halls can often house up to fourteen students sharing one kitchen meaning life in student halls can be a little compact.

Private accommodation

Privately rented student accommodation can offer higher quality amenities and a more modern student experience. Private flats are often located close to the city centre and campus buildings. Unlike university halls, with Private student accommodation, you can choose your room type and with whom you will live. You can also choose an en suite bathroom if you prefer additional privacy.

Dundee student accommodation: Peterson Hall, Roseangle

Peterson Hall, private accommodation is minutes away from Perth Road. It is conveniently located near grocery stores, takeaways and pubs, including the iconic student-friendly George Orwell bar & pub. Peterson Hall is also located minutes north of Magdalen Green for a refreshing break from the exciting student zone. Roseangle is also a short walk away from essential amenities. Listed below are the key benefits of a Peterson Hall flat:

  • We’re located 16 minutes away from the city centre and train station

  • An 8-minute walk to the University of Dundee

  • A 21-minute walk to Abertay University

  • New-build student accommodation with modern design and furnishings

  • We offer large bedrooms with en suite bathrooms available

  • Friendly hospitality and maintenance teams ensure you get the most out of your accommodation.

Single bedroom student accommodation apartment in dundee peterson hallIn addition to these benefits, each of the bedrooms is equipped with a ¾ double bed, a desk and chair for studying, there is lots of storage space and high-speed broadband in every room. Each student will benefit from 24/7 CCTV, electric fob entry and contents insurance, all-inclusive bills, and access to our onsite laundry services.

With the option to live with up to 6 other students, your student experience near Perth Road will be far from dull. Peterson Hall is open to students from the University of Dundee or Abertay University and is a great place for students who want inclusive, comfortable and stylish accommodation in the heart of the student zone.

Contact us today if you are interested in booking one of our Dundee properties for the next academic year.

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