What areas are popular with students for Dundee nightlife?

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When it comes to studying in Scotland, Dundee is one of the most popular choices, as the two universities have more graduates in professional jobs than any other Scottish city. The University of Dundee and Abertay University surround the city centre and are encompassed by a variety of cultural amenities, famous museums such as the V&A Museum, and plenty of activities of interest for students.

However, before choosing any student accommodation, prospective Dundee students may want to first discover the type of nightlife that they can enjoy outside of studying.

This guide will look at the Dundee nightlife, including bars, clubs and pubs, and the areas that are most popular with students.

What is the club scene like in Dundee?

Standing out from the rest is Dundee’s Reading Rooms; a former library turned the longest-running house and techno nightclub in the city. Reading Rooms is based in the city centre and is a perfect and unconventional place to end the night.

Across from Dundee REP Theatre, Underground Dundee is open every day of the week. The late-night nightclub has different genre rooms and different music nights, including R&B and old-school jukebox jams. Nearby, for lovers of the 80s, is Club Tropicana. There are several screens displaying classic 80s films and a model of Doc Brown’s DeLorean.

Students enjoying a concert with strobe lightsIt’s important that students prioritise their safety when experiencing the nightlife in Dundee; especially partying late at night. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and feel safe in the group you are with. For more information on student safety, read our advice centre.

Hidden gems in Dundee nightlife

A homage to the 1920s, Dundee has its own ‘speakeasy’ in a secret location. Draffens has a complete menu for cocktails and is one of the city’s hidden gems. We recommend asking the locals and remembering to keep the secret to yourself.

Duke’s Corner was once a school. Nowadays, it’s a late-night venue that has 24 rotating taps and a range of diner-style food.

Make sure you are aware of the student accommodation options available in Dundee. To compare the different accommodation types, read our guide here.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dundee famous for?

Dundee is known for its culture and as the sunniest and fourth largest city in Scotland. It is known for its production of confectionery, specifically Dundee’s long association with marmalade. Dundee is also home to the V&A Design Museum and is the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design.

Dundee landscapeWhat accommodation does the University of Dundee offer?

The University of Dundee offers various facilities across the city, including Heathfield, Belmont, and Balfour. These are self-catered, a single-bed occupancy, and inclusive of bills.

University accommodation primarily suits first-year undergraduates looking for students in a similar position. However, this type of accommodation tends to be dated and often smaller than other student housing available. Find out more about the different student accommodations in Dundee here.

When should I book student accommodation in Dundee?

At Mansion Student, we recommend booking student accommodation as soon as possible, so that you can have peace of mind. Once you have been accepted into a Dundee university, it’s important to starting looking at the accommodation options to ensure you receive your first preference.

We have recently acquired Peterson Hall, which has been converted into luxurious student accommodation, complete with modern appliances, a secure fob entry system, and all bills inclusive. Discover more about our Dundee student accommodation here.

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