Which facilities should you look out for when finding student accommodation?

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Choosing the right accommodation as a student is an important decision that can significantly shape the university experience. With different student accommodation types that vary in price, luxury, and features, prioritising and considering certain factors may help students find a property that suits their needs. Accommodation facilities may make or break a property, and are what the prospective tenant bases their final decision on.

This guide will explore the key facilities that you should consider when finding student accommodation, and look at their impact on your student experience, security and wellbeing.

What social facilities should you consider in student accommodation?

Social integration is a fundamental aspect of university life. The friendships you make, and the connections you forge can enrich your experience and provide a vital support network away from your home and family. When comparing student accommodation options, consider the availability of communal spaces designed to facilitate interaction and camaraderie. This includes:

·        Communal spaces

·        Living rooms and lounges

·        Cinema rooms

·        Outdoor areas

·        Games rooms

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These rooms are ideal for bonding with your new flatmates, and relaxing outside of university. Whether this is just catching up after a busy day by watching TV or organising drinks before a night out, these facilities are perfect for amplifying the student experience and creating long-lasting memories in the comfort of your student accommodation.

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Should you choose student accommodation with study and wellbeing spaces?

In addition to social involvement, consider student accommodation that has study facilities. Although it is important to have connections and social life, the other important element of university life is the university itself. Each individual room typically contains a desk and chair to do work. However, you may want a larger, quiet area to study, especially if you are revising in a group. These areas may also have comfier seating, such as bean bags and larger tables.

University accommodation tend not to include study facilities in their accommodation, as libraries and other academic areas will be available. If you are looking for study facilities, private student accommodation often includes modern communal areas and dedicated quiet areas, depending on the property.

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As well as study areas, students may want to consider wellbeing facilities, such as gyms and fitness rooms. Included in the rent, these features optimise access to promote physical health and can be a place to relax after studying.

A gym at a mansion student locationTake a closer look at our Durham student accommodation here.

How important are security facilities in student accommodation?

Safety and security are paramount considerations when choosing accommodation, particularly for students living away from home. Not just for tenants during their tenancy stay, strong security facilities are beneficial for worried family members who want to ensure their safety. Viewing the student accommodation beforehand is recommended to address all the facilities and gauge how secure the property is. This includes student accommodation with adequate lighting in communal areas, in a safe environment, and populated with helpful staff.

On-site maintenance

Accidents may happen during your stay at student accommodation. To avoid issues or disputes, consider choosing accommodation that offers on-site maintenance. This may include repairs or just someone to talk to during your stay.

At Mansion Student, our student accommodations have designated hospitality teams that are here to ensure your safety and happiness during the tenancy length. Whether it's a malfunctioning appliance, a broken chair, or mental health issues, having a dedicated maintenance and hospitality team on-site saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on your studies without worrying about household repairs.

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Secure entry and CCTV

Look for accommodations with robust security measures, including secure entry systems, CCTV surveillance, and on-site staff or security personnel. These features help deter unauthorised access and ensure a safe living environment for all residents.

Discover more information on student wellbeing with our expert guides here.

Other facilities to consider when finding student housing

In addition to the housing facilities above, several other amenities can enhance your student living experience:

·        All-inclusive bills

·        High-speed Wi-Fi

·        Contents insurance

·        Laundry facilities

·        Free transport or other memberships


These can all be found on the student accommodation page, and in your tenancy agreement which you should completely understand before signing.

How Mansion Student can help

Mansion Student offers a range of student accommodation options tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. Our properties have modern amenities, including secure entry systems, CCTV surveillance, and responsive maintenance support, to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for all residents. We provide various purpose-built student accommodations across the United Kingdom.

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Frequently asked questions

What should you buy for student accommodation?

Ensure you research the student accommodation before booking to check what is included in the price. You should buy a bedroom set (for example, duvets and pillows), and kitchen sets to make sure you are prepared for the year. 

Do students need a guarantor to rent?

A guarantor is a person who will take joint financial responsibility upon signing the tenancy agreement with us. Students do not necessarily need a guarantor when booking undergraduate accommodation. However, if they cannot afford the monthly rent, a guarantor can be used to help cover the overdue bills and ease the pressure off the tenant.

As a guarantor, Mansion Student will only contact you if the tenant cannot pay rent or any other due financial payments. 

Find out more about guarantors and parental support here.   

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