What should students consider when choosing a student accommodation size?

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When finding suitable accommodation, you should consider certain elements to ensure complete satisfaction with your choice. The size of the room is one of the most important parts of your stay, as it may affect your studying, budget, and overall university experience. For example, smaller rooms may foster a more focused environment, which is ideal for studious individuals. In comparison, larger spaces provide more social opportunities and may potentially be more relaxing.

This guide will explore the different types of accommodation and their sizes that students may want to consider for the following tenancy period.

What to consider when finding student accommodation

To ensure you are completely happy with your student accommodation choice, there are certain things to consider:

Booking as early as possible

You should start looking for and booking student accommodation as soon as possible. Typically, this window is open from January, so booking as quickly as possible is important to guarantee your room type and size preferences.

The different types of student accommodation

For undergraduates, there are typically three accommodation choices to consider, other than living at home. Generally, first-year and international students will gravitate towards university halls of residence, as these can be a great way to meet similar students. However, this accommodation type can be outdated and sometimes smaller than other choices.

Private accommodations, such as student halls and accommodation, may offer more versatility in the size and facilities featured.

Find out more about the different types of student accommodations for undergraduates here.

Your budget

Budgeting can be difficult, especially if you have never had to consider it before. There are a multiple of expenses that may affect your student accommodation choice, as you may want a cheaper room to accommodate with your budget. Your university budget will typically cover your tenancy, if bills are required, shopping, resources, and other recreational activities.

Although cheaper student accommodation may be preferable, the facilities will probably be less modern, smaller, and more prone to damage.

The different sizes of rooms

There are various room sizes available in all types of student accommodation. Typical styles include ensuites, non ensuites, apartments and studios.

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What are the different sizes of student accommodation available in university halls?

As aforementioned, university halls tend to be populated by international and first-year students. University accommodation will include a private room and communal areas to be shared with flatmates.

Halls are often made up of 4 to 8 students in one flat, with a standard flat containing a room for each student, shared bathroom or ensuite, shared kitchen and other communal areas. There are also catered and no-catered halls available, which will depend on the university. Typical room sizes in university halls of residence include:

  • Standard – Often, this room type contains a desk, and sink. This will be the cheapest and smallest room available.

  • En suite – This features the same as the standard room, along with a private en suite bathroom.

  • Studio – This is typically the largest room size available in university halls of residence. The self-contained room usually features a larger bed, living area, kitchenette, and en suite bathroom.

Although university halls tend to be cheaper than private student accommodation, this is also shown in the facilities available. Students may find that features and communal areas may be less modern and smaller.

Find out more about the differences between private student accommodation and university halls with our expert guide here.

What are the different sizes of student accommodation available in private student halls?

When university halls are unsuitable, students may want to consider private student accommodation. This may include student housing run by private landlords, or private student halls. Private student halls are typically purpose-built, more modern and larger than other accommodation alternatives.

The room sizes will depend on the student accommodation building and available rooms. At Mansion Student, we offer a variety of different room sizes, depending on the student accommodation location:

  • Premium non-ensuite – These rooms are similar to standard university halls of residence. They offer a spacious room with a large bed, study area, and access to modern communal spaces.

  • Classic ensuite – This room type includes a large bed, desk, and ensuite bathroom with a shower.

  • Premium ensuite – The premium style has all the features of the classic ensuite, only with extra space for storage and a double shower.

  • Classic studio – Our classic studios are self-contained, including a double bed, private bathroom, and kitchenette. Tenants will still have access to the communal areas and, as these are larger, are suitable for dual occupancy.

  • Premium studio – Similar to upgrading the classic to a premium ensuite, this room type has the same features as the classic studio but is larger.

  • One-bedroom apartment – Although this room size is the most expensive, one-bedroom apartments are large, spacious, and ideal for older students looking for their own place. They are designed to offer that extra space to study and relax.

Student accommodation living quarters, bedroom and desk spaceThese stylish one-bedroom apartments are available in our Newcastle and Coventry student accommodation.

Browse through all our student accommodation locations to find your ideal room size.

How to choose a student accommodation size that is appropriate

Ultimately, the choice of student accommodation comes down to your own decisions and preferences. When booking student accommodation, consider your needs and what will support your stay during the tenancy length. For example, third year and postgraduate students may require a bigger room for studying in a quieter area. However, first-year students may only want a small room that is close to the city centre and university.

Look at the size of the amenities; whether you prefer having your own bathroom (ensuite), or if you do not mind sharing with other flatmates. The best option to guarantee you are satisfied with your student accommodation choice is to view the property beforehand. This will give you complete clarity on the size of the room, communal spaces, and quality of the facilities.

Arrange a viewing with Mansion Student at one of our many student accommodations.

How Mansion Student can help

Since 2007, Mansion Student has acquired, developed and maintained modern student accommodations throughout some of the most popular student cities in the United Kingdom. We prioritise your welfare during your stay, and will help you through every stage of the booking and tenancy period. Browse through our different student accommodation locations below:

If you are interested in staying at any of our student accommodations, arrange a viewing here to ensure you are completely happy with the property before booking.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you apply for student accommodation?

To apply for student accommodation, you must provide your university offer and ensure the window is open for new applicants. This can be done either online, over the phone or in person after a student accommodation viewing.

Book a viewing at any of our student accommodation properties with young student doing ok hand gestureFind out more about when and how to apply for student accommodation with our expert guide here.

What should you bring to student accommodation?

When you move into student accommodation, you may require a form of ID when checking in (either a passport or a driver’s licence). The main amenities will typically be provided in most student accommodations, such as a bed and kitchen facilities. However, you must bring your own items, such as mugs, cutlery, plates and pans.

Other items to bring include your own duvet, duvet covers, pillows, and any other blankets or personalisation for your individual bedroom.

To find out more about what to bring to your student accommodation, browse or print out our essential checklist here.

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