Student living decisions | Should you choose all-inclusive bills, an en suite bathroom and shared accommodation?

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Choosing your student accommodation may seem like one of the most important decisions you make at university. You may spend much of your time at home, alone or with your housemates. Alternatively, you may need to be near your university campus, your favourite social spaces, venues and supermarkets.

Once you have decided where you want to live as a student, there are additional decisions you will need to make. These include, whether you want to live alone or with housemates/flatmates, whether to choose an en suite room and whether to include bills into your rent payments.

Here, we will help you decide which accommodation options are right for your budget and lifestyle. You will also discover the range of room types and properties that Mansion Student has to offer. You might find your perfect room with us.

Living alone vs living with others

When it comes to choosing your accommodation options, it is first important to consider whether you want to live alone or with other housemates/flatmates. If you would like to live alone, your accommodation options may be limited to a studio flat or a 1-bed apartment, depending on your student budget. However, if you want to live with other students, you may be able to share student housing, where your kitchen, living room and bathrooms are communal. Alternatively, a shared flat would be suitable, and with the option of choosing an en suite.

Living alone

Living alone can be liberating as you do not need to compromise on any accommodation decisions. You will also have complete privacy. You may have more space if you choose a 1-bed flat over a studio; however, living alone usually means you have to deal with a smaller living space. Depending on your accommodation choices, living alone is usually more expensive because you would be solely responsible for utilities and rent. Finally, living alone can be more isolating, especially if your accommodation does not offer spaces for students to socialise.

Shared accommodation

Most students choose shared student housing as it is undoubtably the most sociable option. Students often make lifelong friends by sharing accommodation during university. Shared accommodation also comes with the added benefits of lower rent and bills because you share the cost among you, even if you have all-inclusive bills. Unfortunately, a shared bathroom, a shared kitchen and communal areas makes it more difficult to get privacy; your bedroom is your only private space. Sharing accommodation with other students can also cause disagreements from time to time.

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Should you get an en suite room?

Getting an en suite bathroom is a great compromise between shared and solo accommodation. When you want the social and financial benefits of a shared apartment but need the added privacy of your own bathroom, an en suite single room can be ideal.

The advantages of an en suite

  • Privacy– you are the only one with access to the bathroom so no creeping down the hallway in your towel.

  • Cleanliness– you will only ever need to clean up after yourself.

  • Convenience– there’s no waiting and queueing for housemates to shower in the morning and you will have easy access to the bathroom at night.

The disadvantages of an en suite

  • Cost– student rent with an en suite room is usually more expensive because of the private amenities and potentially higher utility bills.

  • Space– you will probably have a very small en suite bathroom, and this may mean your bedroom space is also limited.

  • Responsibility– there is no sharing of maintenance/cleaning responsibilities, you are solely responsible for your bathroom.

It can be challenging to share accommodation with other students, especially when you have never met your flatmates before moving in; for instance, with university halls of residence. With an en suite single room, you can take advantage of additional privacy while sharing accommodation.

However, en suite accommodation can be compact and will end up costing more in rent and bills compared to non-en suite accommodation.

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Should you choose all-inclusive bills?

Reducing energy bills is on everyone’s minds and even students need to consider whether they want to choose all-inclusive bills. All-inclusive bills combine rent and utility bills all into one easy payment. Alternatively, students can seek out energy providers independently. However, this may be less convenient.

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Non-inclusive bills

By seeking out your own energy providers, you may be able to save money on energy, however there are some downsides. Having separate providers for each utility or service, means you will have to pay three or four separate monthly bill payments on top of your rent; this can be difficult to manage, especially in shared accommodation. Additionally, managing your own bills might require you to be particularly frugal with your energy use.

All-inclusive bills

By choosing all-inclusive bills, you can take the worry and stress over finding providers. You won’t have to worry about your energy use day in day out and you will only have one simple rent payment to come out three times per year. Although it can be slightly cheaper to manage your own bills, the peace of mind and the convenience may be worth choosing all-inclusive accommodation, especially for an international student.

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Renting privately with Mansion Student

Whether you choose to live alone or with other housemates, or whether you choose an en suite or a shared bathroom, Mansion Student has a room type for you. With student accommodation in the heart of major cities in the United Kingdom, you are bound to find a property that suits your needs.

We can offer a wide range of studio rooms and 1-bed apartments in Newcastle. If you are looking for shared apartment, check out our rooms in Leeds and in Dundee. If you’re looking to study at another university, check out our other locations here.

We have plenty of en suite rooms to choose from in Dundee and Leeds. Alternative accommodation with shared facilities are also available if you prefer. Our well-equipped properties are ideal for students living alone or with others as we have on site amenities such as cinema rooms, games rooms and more. We also offer each student high-speed broadband, 24/7 security and contents insurance. A desk, a chair and plenty of storage space is also included in every room.

If you are interested in our properties, book a viewing today and secure your place for the next academic year.

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