Student living: Should you get all-inclusive student accommodation?

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Finding student accommodation these days can be a daunting task, with living costs on the rise. You will have to consider the type of property you want and can afford, whether you will live on campus or in the city centre, and whether to live alone or with others. Many student accommodation options will give the option of all-inclusive rent which can help with budgeting and shared living. Since water, gas, electricity, Wi-Fi are all included as standard in your rent payments, all-inclusive living can be a much simpler way to organise your student bills and take the stress out of renting.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the advantages and disadvantages of all-inclusive student living compared to non-inclusive living. You will also come to understand exactly what each option will mean for your finances and which option would best suit your needs and requirements. . You may come to decide that one of Mansion Student’s all-inclusive properties is the right fit for you and your budget.

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The benefits of all-inclusive rent

  • Easy set-up – With utility bills included in your tenancy agreement, you will be already set up when you arrive, so there will be no stress of finding utility providers before or on moving day. Having to wait for your Wi-Fi router to arrive when you’re trying to settle into a new home can be a real stress; this can be avoided with an all-inclusive option.

  • Financial stability – Choosing all-inclusive accommodation also means that instead of having multiple monthly student bills to remember to pay, you will have only one single direct debit payment that includes your rent, Wi-Fi, electricity, water and gas. As a result, your finances can be more organised, and you will be solely responsible for your portion of the payment.

  • Unlimited usage of energy – With all bills included you’ll have peace of mind knowing that in the winter months there’ll be no freezing students nor arguments over heating and hot water.

  • Avoids conflicts over bills – When sharing a home with housemates, either at university or in a flat share, there are often complications around the organisation of bill paying. When opting for all-inclusive accommodation, everything is organised for you. No more awkward conversations and chasing up the disorganised housemate for their share of the student bills – everyone is responsible for paying their share

  • No contracts – Broadband providers often tie you into a year-long contract which means that you will be paying bills after you move out of your student property. With all-inclusive accommodation, there are no contracts other than your tenancy agreement – so you only pay for as long as your tenancy agreement is.

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The disadvantages of all-inclusive rent

All-inclusive accommodation may be slightly more expensive, especially if you tend to save on energy usage – you might end up paying for more than you’re using. All-inclusive rates usually add around £15 per week onto your rent where non-inclusive rent may add only £10 (Save the Student -2022). If the convenience of one monthly payment doesn’t seem worth potentially paying a little more, then all-inclusive rent might not be for you.

The benefits of non-inclusive rent

  • Shop around for the best deal – when choosing non-inclusive rent, you’re free to shop around for the best energy deal possible. While this might be a long-winded process, it could potentially help you save money.

  • Control over your energy bills – Another benefit of non-inclusive rent is that if finances are tight, or you’re environmentally conscious, you can choose to conserve energy and water to save money and the planet while you’re at it.

  • Can be slightly cheaper – Organising your student bills independently can often be a little bit cheaper, and usually costs around £10 per week on top of you rent. Of course, this figure depends on how liberally or conservatively you use your energy and water.

The disadvantages or non-inclusive rent

  • Water bills – With your water bill, you will have no choice of provider and they may base a set rate on the number of residents in the property. Water bills can often be more expensive when paid independently than with all-inclusive properties, especially for larger shared properties

  • Keeping track of multiple bills – You will also need to pay multiple different bills and remembering to pay them all on time and keeping them organised can be a lot of effort. On top of this, the designated bill-payer may well have to chase up payments from housemates if they pay late or underpay. All-inclusive rent avoids any possible

  • Disputes over utilities – Deciding to pay your bills independently may cause disagreements over energy or water usage. Some housemates may want to keep the heating on or use lots of hot water, while others are happy to layer up to save cash.

  • Getting locked into a contract – When setting up your utilities, particularly Wi-Fi, you may get locked into a contract for a fixed term (usually 12 months). Since student tenancies are usually 40, 45 or 51 weeks so you’ll be paying for broadband that you’re not even using

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Who should choose all-inclusive accommodation?

We’d recommend all-inclusive bills to students living in a shared house or flat, particularly in larger student house shares, in which bill-splitting is harder and energy use may be very variable. All-inclusive rent might also be useful for those who struggle to remember to pay utility bills, organise their finances, or for unreliable friends or housemates who may avoid paying their share.

All-inclusive bills could also be particularly useful for an international student who might find the process of finding and sorting utilities providers especially daunting. This will also take away some of the pressure of moving to the United Kingdom where there may be cultural differences surrounding money and sharing.

How Mansion Student can help

Since 2007, Mansion Student has acquired, developed and maintained modern student accommodations throughout some of the most popular student cities in the United Kingdom. We prioritise your welfare during your stay, and will help you through every stage of the booking and tenancy period. Browse through our different student accommodation locations below:

If you are interested in staying at any of our student accommodations, arrange a viewing here to ensure you are completely happy with the property before booking.

Browse through our student offers here.

Contact Mansion Student today for more information about booking accommodation, or call us at 0800 652 7844

Renting privately with Mansion Student

If you choose to rent with Mansion student, you’ll get high-speed broadband, electricity and water all included in your rent, which will help you to manage your finances more easily. On top of this, you’ll also get contents insurance, 24-hour security for your peace of mind and a TV license for communal televisions

We have a wide variety of private accommodation types including shared flats, studio apartments and apartments so you can get the benefits of all-inclusive living regardless of whether you choose to live alone or with others. Even if you choose to live with others, we can offer rooms with an en-suite bathroom for greater privacy. Although our all-inclusive properties do not offer students a TV licence, many our properties have a cinema room, games room and communal area which are free to use for your entertainment.

For more information about or properties and what they offer, visit our site or contact us today!

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