A full guide to finding student accommodation and what you should consider

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No matter what type of student you are, finding suitable student accommodation as soon as possible is important. Whether this is a first-year moving to a new city or a third-year student who may require quieter facilities; this choice can enhance your student experience. For this, there are certain considerations to make when finding student accommodation.

This guide will summarise all the important information in our finding accommodation hub, and what to consider when booking student accommodation.

When should you start searching for student accommodation?

It is recommended to start searching for student accommodation as soon as possible, which might even mean searching for accommodation before applying to any university. This lets you understand your living arrangements and what you can expect from the student accommodation option.

Advised timeline for a first-year student:

September and October – start to research potential locations and the types of student accommodation. Think about arranging a viewing to get a better idea.

November to February – finalise your choice and begin to book student accommodation.

Second and third-year students may decide to move out of halls of residence and into private accommodation with housemates of their choice.

Once you have decided who you want to live with, start viewing properties and look at booking as soon as possible. We recommend booking student accommodation from December to early February to ensure you receive your first preference.

Find out more about when to search for student accommodation with our expert guide here.

If you’re looking for high-quality, secure student accommodation in your chosen location, contact Mansion Student.

What should students know about returning and rebooking student accommodation?

Thinking about next year’s student accommodation may be the last thing on your mind, especially after just settling down. However, to ensure you obtain your first preference of room type, it is recommended that you find and apply for student accommodation as soon as possible.

Rebooking follows the same process as when you apply for student accommodation. Make sure to start booking student accommodation as soon as possible; typically, the booking window opens from November each year.

Find out more about returning and rebooking student accommodation with our expert guide here.

Mansion Student provides a range of rebooking offers across our student accommodation locations. During the booking process, check if there is a student offer for the property you want to rebook. Then, speak to the hospitality team directly to rebook your room.

Contact the dedicated Hospitality team at your chosen location for more information.

What questions should you ask at an accommodation viewing?

Student accommodation viewings will typically be available all year round. However, if the rooms are full, you may be unable to view the exact room type of your choice.

During student accommodation viewings, staff members will meet you at the reception to take you around the available rooms and shared spaces, including social areas, cinema rooms, gyms, and study rooms, if there are any. The different amenities, such as a washing machine and kitchen appliances, should be listed, and any questions answered.

If you have arranged a viewing at student accommodation, consider asking:

Are any bills included in the price?

  • What is the surrounding area like?

  • What security measures does the property have?

  • Do you have to pay a deposit, and if so, how much?

  • Is there any parking or bike storage? If so, is this included in the price?

  • When is the move-in date?

  • What is the Wi-Fi signal like?

  • Who do you report any damages to?

  • Is there a programme of events for residents?

Find out more about university open days and student accommodation viewings with our expert guide here.

When and how to apply for student accommodation?

It is recommended that you start to apply for student accommodation as soon as you finalise your university choice and have viewed appropriate properties. The booking period typically ranges between January and March, when you start to receive university offers back.

Once you have decided on the city, student accommodation, and room type, it is time to apply for accommodation. Ensure that you have your university offer, and that the window is open for new applicants at your chosen student accommodation.

At Mansion Student, there are three ways you can book one of our student accommodations:

  • Booking direct online

  • Booking by phone

  • Booking in person

Find out more about when and how to apply for student accommodation with our expert guide here.

Mansion Student has a series of private accommodations across the UK in some of the most popular student cities. This includes Leeds, Newcastle, and Nottingham.

To arrange a viewing at one of our locations, click here.

What should you know about Clearing accommodation?

Occurring every year between the 5th of July and the 18th of October, Clearing helps students secure a place at a university after not receiving their intended results. When going through Clearing, students may find that they may have to adjust their plans, including their student accommodation.

During this period, ask for advice from your school, university choice, and hospitality team where you have booked student accommodation. In some instances, you may be able to find a different course at the same university, which may accept your offer. Look at UCAS Clearing and the courses available to see if any are suitable.

After contacting a university and getting an offer accepted, add a Clearing choice to your application to guarantee a placement.

Mansion Student offers students who did not get their required results a conditional offer regarding their student accommodation booking. If you have booked a place at one of our student accommodation locations, you can request a Termination of Tenancy if unfortunately you did not obtain the required qualifications.

Contact our Hospitality team for more information on your accommodation booking.

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