Rebooking student accommodation | What should students know about returning and rebooking accommodation?

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Although many first-year and international students decide to live in university halls of residence, others may want to live in private student accommodation, as there are typically more modern facilities, and students can choose who they live with. Private student accommodation is also highly popular with second and third-year students, who have already decided on who they want to live with, and are looking for accommodation closer to the city centre. No matter the year, many students may rebook for the following academic year after finding suitable accommodation that facilitates their needs.

This guide will focus on whether students should rebook with their existing student accommodation, highlighting the benefits, and how Mansion Student can help.

Should you rebook the same student accommodation?

Thinking about next year’s student accommodation may be the last thing on your mind, especially after just settling down. However, to ensure you obtain your first preference of room type, it is recommended that you find and apply for student accommodation as soon as possible.

Rebooking the same student accommodation has its advantages. This includes:

Saves time finding a new student accommodation

It can be stressful looking for new student accommodation, especially on top of attending lectures, studying for exams, and experiencing student life. If you are completely happy with your current student accommodation, you may be able to book your next year in person with the hospitality team. This also saves time arranging student accommodation viewings and preparing to book.

May have made personal connections with staff

Throughout your stay at student accommodation, you may often require the assistance of staff or the hospitality team on-site. Whether this is reporting faults in the property, collecting mail, or for personal and mental health reasons. During the first few months, it can be hard for some students to settle in, particularly if it is their first time away from home. Staff can be there to help in various ways.

You may decide to rebook student accommodation after forming personal connections with certain staff members. If you are comfortable in the environment, rebooking student accommodation may be your best choice.

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All-inclusive bills

Private student accommodation typically includes bills like broadband, gas, electricity, and water. Other property types, like student housing, may not have these bills, and require the student to think about budgeting.

Rebooking private student accommodation removes this worry, as you will know what is included in the rent, and potentially any other costs you have already incurred.

Student accommodation bedroom and deskAt Mansion Student, our student accommodations have been modernly refurbished, including kitchen appliances and comfortable shared spaces such as games, cinema and common rooms. The rent covers certain bills, including broadband, gas, water, and electricity. We also provide contents insurance to settle any concerns about the safety of your property.

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What is the rebooking process for student accommodation?

Rebooking follows the same process as when you apply for student accommodation. Make sure to start booking student accommodation as soon as possible; typically, the booking window opens from November each year.

Mansion Student provides a range of rebooking offers across our student accommodation locations. During the booking process, check if there is a student offer for the property you want to rebook. Then, input the promotional code at the time of booking.

To find more information, consider downloading the Mansion Student app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Here, you can keep up to date with your student accommodation’s latest news and have a direct chat with your manager to ask any queries.

Why should you rebook with Mansion Student?

Mansion Student has been in operation since 2007, helping over 100,000 students find suitable and reliable accommodation in some of the most popular student cities in the UK. Many students continue to rebook at our student accommodations, and we accommodate and reward these returning tenants. At the different Mansion Student locations, we provide yearly offers for students looking to rebook, including automatic entry into competitions to win rewards of up to £1000 (depending on the property).

A young student with a backpack and headphones around her neck, smiling and holding a red folder, stands in a modern wooden-paneled hallway.Discover the offers Mansion Student provides directly for rebooking students here.

All our properties have been refurbished to include modern features and the necessary facilities for students to study and relax throughout the academic year. This consists of a range of room types, such as ensuites, and entire apartments, and communal areas like a study room, gym, cinema room, and outdoor space.

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Frequently asked questions

What documents must you bring to the property when you move in?

As you pack and prepare to move to your student accommodation, it is recommended that you remember to take certain documents. This includes; your passport (and other forms of ID like a driver’s license); university documents such as your acceptance letter and any details on accommodation; your student loan or financial information; and any relevant medical history somebody should know.

Contact Mansion Student if you require more details.

Do I need to pay Council Tax as a student?

Typically, full-time students will be exempt from paying Council Tax during term time. However, ensure this is correct before you move into student accommodation, as you do not want to have any bills building up. Check with your university or the local council.

When moving into a Mansion Student property, you will be required to provide your university student number once enrolled, and potentially your Council Tax exemption certificate.

Discover more FAQs on booking and rebooking student accommodation here.

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