What are the different transportation factors to consider when finding student accommodation?

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According to a 2021 study, one of the most important factors students prioritised when finding student accommodation was the location. This includes where the student accommodation is compared to the university, amenities, and transportation. When moving to a new place, especially a large city, it is crucial that students feel connected and that they can easily travel to avoid feelings of isolation. University halls tend to be located on campus, meaning that there is no need for transport links to resources. However, private accommodation is located all across the city, and may be harder to compare when considering transportation.

This guide will explore the main transportation considerations you should make as a student, and the importance of choosing suitably located student accommodation.

What are the main forms of transport for students?

When searching for student accommodation, you may want to consider where the property is regarding the university and city. If you have found student accommodation that is too far to walk to university, you may rely on public transport (such as buses and trams). However, it is important to research the area to find suitable bus and tram stops that will get you to lectures and other extracurricular activities.

The most popular transportation methods for students include: ` 

·        Trains

·        Buses and trams

·        Cycling

·        Walking

Living within cycling or walking distance of your university and amenities can save time and money while promoting a healthy lifestyle. If you are considering bringing your bicycle to student accommodation, ensure that there are secure facilities, such as a lockable bike shed.

All our student accommodations feature secure facilities, including CCTV and a dedicated hospitality team to deal with any issues. Our properties at Coventry, Durham and Nottingham also have a secure bike storage facility to help commuters protect their belongings.

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How transport availability impacts choosing student accommodation

Good transport links play a crucial role in helping students feel connected to their surroundings, especially in a new city. Being able to easily navigate the city and explore different neighbourhoods fosters a sense of belonging and familiarity, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Accessible transportation allows students to attend social events, join clubs and societies, and engage with the local community and fellow students, enhancing the overall university experience.

In addition, strong transport links help facilitate academic engagement by removing barriers when accessing university resources. Students can easily attend lectures, seminars, and workshops without worrying about long commutes or transportation delays. Access to libraries, laboratories, and study spaces becomes more convenient, allowing students to make the most of their academic pursuits and excel in their studies.

Living in student accommodation with good transport connections empowers students to seize these opportunities and embrace all their new city offers. Mansion Student provides private accommodation in some of the most popular UK cities. Our student properties are within walking distance of the university and other amenities or located near bus stops to ensure convenient travel.

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How Mansion Student can help

Here at Mansion Student, we understand the significance of transportation accessibility in student accommodation. That's why all our private halls are strategically located to offer convenient access to universities, amenities and city centres, both within walking distance and with frequent bus stops.

Our Coventry student accommodation, Singer Hall, is conveniently located to the University of Coventry, and it has all types of room sizes, including ensuites, classic studios and one-bedroom apartments.

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Browse our student offers here for more information.

Additionally, our Durham student accommodation at Ernest Place offers a free bus pass when students book with us. Ernest Place was crowned the #1 property in Durham by the Student Voice Award, and is conveniently located in the city, with easy transport links to the city centre and university.

Arrange a viewing at one of our student accommodations, or contact the Mansion Student team for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Can non-students live in student accommodation?

In some student accommodations, non-students (such as young professionals and apprentices) may be able to book. However, ensure you check the accommodation page and read the tenancy agreement before booking.

Find out more about the accommodation considerations for non-students with our expert guide here.

When can you apply for student accommodation?

It is recommended that students apply for student accommodation as soon as they start to receive their university offers. Once you have confirmed your primary university choice and viewed the property, you can apply for your preferred room type once the booking period opens, typically between January and March.

Find out more about when and how to apply for student accommodation with our expert guide here.

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