Payment Options

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There are different payment options available to make the process as simple and as easy as possible for you.

What are the payment plans?

As per the terms set out in the Tenancy agreement all rent monies are due at set dates throughout the year. Mansion Student offers a range of different options:

  • A single payment (Aug) or two payments (Aug and Dec) (Guarantor not required)

  • Three payments to coincide with your student loan dates in September, January and Guarantor required)

  • Monthly direct debit split between 10 months (Guarantor required)

Students will be required to set up direct debits at the time they sign their tenancy agreement.

You can apply to Mansion Student to defer the payment of your rent strictly on the proviso that you provide us with a copy of the letter from the Student Loan Company. This should clearly detail the amount of loan you will receive and the date on which you are expected to receive it. We cannot allow you to defer payment of rent without this supporting information and you will be required to make alternative arrangements to pay.

Direct Debit

Log into your Sturents account via the App or online on the Sturents website and follow the online instructions. Direct debits can only be arranged from a UK bank account, with the money automatically debited from your account on the dates shown on your tenancy agreement.


Available via the Sturents app or online on the Sturents website and follow the online instructions. Please ensure that your payment covers all bank charges such as transfer fees otherwise delays will be experienced.

Card Payment

If you prefer to pay by credit or with debit card, please call us on 0800 652 7844 to arrange payment or once you have checked in payment can be made on site at reception.

Paying with student finance

If you are paying with student finance, you may be able to change your rent due dates to match when you receive your student loan.

ARRANGING A DEFERMENT – Student Finance England
If you have selected to pay in three instalments and are in receipt of student finance in England, you have the option to defer your payment dates to be in line with when your payments are received.

If you wish to do this, please send the documentation evidence below to with the name of the property that you have booked.

Documentation must include:

• A screenshot of the 3 MAINTENANCE LOAN dates and amounts – we must be able to clearly see the dates and amounts

• A screenshot of the ENTITLEMENT SUMMARY – we must be able to see your name and the total amount that you will receive

Once we have approved the deferment, you will receive an email notification. It is very important that you click through this to accept the changes and finalise the process.

Until the deferment has been accepted you must adhere to the payment dates set out in the original contract. If you have not yet received the necessary documentation from the Student Finance company then we are unable to defer, please call Student Finance to get this resolved.

Deferments can only be made for the dates specified on the entitlement summary, and all residents need to set up a rent collection with the new dates.

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