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Moving into Your New Home 

We are continuing to monitor government advice across the UK, and we have put in place a range of measures to ensure our buildings are fully Covid-secure. 

What safety measures have been put in place?
Following advice from our Health & Safety advisors we have put the following measures below in place: 

  • Installation of Perspex screens at the reception desks
  • Covid-19 notices displayed for advice and keeping safe 
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers located around the building  
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all communal areas 
  • Additional Covid-19 training for all the Hospitality Teams 

When can I move into my room?
Once you have received a confirmed contract and prior to your tenancy start date; you will receive information by email on what to do & expect when you arrive to check-in along with useful information. You will also be able to book your check-in appointment via this check-in email which you need to book before you arrive.  

Please ensure before you arrive that your rent has been paid and is up to date in line with your Contract Agreement. The only time this will not apply is, if you have requested and received confirmation that your request to defer your rent in line with your student loan payment dates have been approved. (This only applies to 3 Termly payments) 

Please don’t forget to download the Mansion Student app from the Google Play or iOS store by searching for “mansionstudent” to manage your Tenancy and get the latest information from the site team.

Can I bring family & friends on my move in day?
If family or friends are helping you to move in, we ask that they wait in the car or outside the building whilst you are collecting your keys to avoid large crowds forming in the reception area. Once you have collected your keys they can help you move your belongings into your new home.

I am travelling from oversees.  Do I need to self-isolate?
What you must do when you arrive in England from abroad depends on where you have been in the 10 days before you arrive. For Government Covid-19 travel regulation guidelines, please visit the Government website and check before travelling to the UK.

Do I have to wear a face mask?
It’s now a personal choice to wear a face mask or not and at your own discreton.

What will happen on my move in day?
You can only check in providing you have a confirmed signed contract, we will check that your rent is up to date in line with your Contract Agreement and you will need to bring photographic ID along with you to the check in appointment i.e. passport, driving license.  

We ask that you undertake a full inspection of your room upon your arrival by completing the online Check-in Registration Form which will be sent to you by email within the first week of your arrival with us. 

Are the social spaces open?
The social spaces are open with some facilities having a booking system in place, for further information on your accommodation, please contact your dedicated Hospitality Team. For your and our employee’s safety, we will be closing monitoring Government Covid-19 guidelines and should we have a spike in cases at any of our accommodations, we will review and take any necessary measures.  

Are visitors allowed?
Please refer to section 3.4 of your Contract Agreement for visitors being allowed to stay with you or speak to your dedicated Hospitality Team. 

How can I protect myself from Covid-19?
The scientific evidence suggests that the most effective method of protecting yourself is to social distance, wash hands and keep surfaces clean.  

You will see hand sanitizer dispensers located in the entrance areas of the buildings which we ask that you use when you enter or leave the building, along with advice on washing your hands frequently for a minimum of twenty seconds when returning. Our dedicated cleaning teams will disinfect all high traffic touchpoints, such as door handles and stair rails to reduce the risk of the infection spreading through those areas of the building that you touch the most. 

If you are living in any of our buildings and are contacted by your local public health body (track and trace) to alert you that you have had recent contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, we would appreciate you letting your Hospitality Manager know so that we can help you isolate for the required period. 

Are the Hospitality teams wearing face coverings?
We are regularly monitoring guidance over the use of face coverings for our Hospitality Teams. During move-in weekend and at peak times, and if social distancing cannot be maintained then face coverings may be worn.

Are you still providing a maintenance service?
Maintenance repairs will be dealt with on a priority basis depending on the type of repair reported.  Upon arrival we will provide you with your dedicated online maintenance portal where you are able to log any maintenance repairs. We will also need access into flats/rooms to undertake statuary tests and checks to ensure that our properties are maintained and complaint with Health & Safety policies. The maintenance team will follow Covid 19 safe working practices.   

How can I collect my post?
Government guidance on the handling of post indicates that the potential risk of transmission of the virus in this way is very low. There is however a risk in receiving post and deliveries from the delivery agents and passing them to yourselves. We are continuing to take mail but have implemented a safe working procedure for you to pick up your mail.

Are you carrying out room inspections?
Room inspections are a way to ensure that all our residents live in a comfortable and clean environment. The inspections will be undertaken in line with our covid-19 safety practices which we have put in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Mansion Student

How do I book a room?
It’s easy. There are 3 ways to do it:

  • Book online through any of our property pages
  • Call our dedicated booking line on 0800 652 7844 to reserve your accommodation or to arrange a viewing, specifying the location.
  • Call the number of the property you wish to stay at.
  • Or if you’re passing the property, you can just pop in.

How do I cancel or re-arrange my viewing?
If you wish to cancel or re-arrange your viewing please contact the Hospitality Team at your chosen location or call our dedicated
booking line on 0800 652 7844.

Can I book a room without a viewing?
Yes, however, on arrival should you wish to change your room, this would be subject to a £50.00 variation of tenancy payment and availability.

Which cities are you located in?
We are spread across the UK. Visit our location page to see our property locations.

Booking the accommodation
You can reserve your room today at one of our fabulous locations simply by going to your chosen location and selecting the “book now” button. This will then take you into our on-line booking system and a few short easy steps will enable you to reserve your room and sign your tenancy agreement on line. Please be aware that if you are using a Guarantor, the booking will not be complete until they too have signed your accommodation contract and we have sent you a confirmation.

We do not treat any person or group of persons applying for accommodation less favourably because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, disability, appearance, age, marital status, sexual orientation or social status. Where possible, a student’s preferences will be observed although this cannot be guaranteed.

What is the Security Deposit?
The Security Deposit is payable as part of our process to reserve a room. Once this fee is paid, no one else can book that room, provided that you sign and return your documentation within the required timescales. Failure to do this may result in your chosen room being released for re-sale.

It is also security against any damage to the accommodation, unpaid rent or other charges. The Security Deposit is secured in our chosen government recognised scheme; My Deposits (MD), until the end of your period of stay with us. The amount paid is returned to you via My Deposits (MD) at the end of the tenancy subject to any outstanding rent or damage or other charges.

For properties in Scotland, deposits will be secured in My Deposits Scotland, a Custodial Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme operated by Tenancy Deposits (Scotland) Limited and approved by the Scottish Government.

Booking Fee; where this is applicable, is not treated as a Security Deposit and is non-refundable. (Please refer to our cancellation policy).

Do you provide summer accommodation?
We do provide summer accommodation at some of our properties. Please enquire directly with your chosen location or see the website for details.

I am a part-time student – can I live in Mansion Student Accommodation?
Unfortunately, we can only accept full-time students. An indicator we use is whether the course you are studying makes you exempt from paying Council Tax. We strongly recommend that you check your position with your University or College before you make a booking with us, as you may find yourself liable to Council Tax payments if your course does not qualify you.

What is ANUK?
Mansion Student operates to conform with the ANUK National Code of Standards for Student Accommodation which is designed to regulate and bring large student landlords into line to deliver a distinct set of standards to students. Accreditation schemes are voluntary schemes that good landlords join to demonstrate that they provide good quality accommodation.

National Code Logo

The National Code of Standards is fully supported by NUS who are a key stakeholder and have representation on the management and complaints procedures of the Code.

The Code will act as a student accommodation quality guide and it is recommended that if you have a choice, always rent from a landlord who has joined the Code.

What are the advantages of living in a building covered by the National Code of Standards?

  • Best practice in day to day management is supported and recognised;
  • Your contract is clearly written, stating what you are paying for and how much your rent is, with reasonable terms and no hidden costs; Your accommodation is fully prepared for you when you arrive to take up residence;
  • Your accommodation meets with a set of nationally recognised standards in respect of service provision, furniture and fittings;
  • All repairs and maintenance are carried out within agreed timescales
  • Your building will meet with required health and safety standards
  • If a deposit is charged, it will be lodged in an appropriate Deposit Scheme and it will be returned to you promptly at the end of the year or you will be given a clear explanation of why a deduction has been made;
  • You will be given information to explain what management routines are followed in the buildings;
  • A set and accountable procedure for dealing with any disputes or complaints will be in operation.

Find out more information about ANUK from the Nationalcode website