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In Coventry, there are two popular universities: Coventry University and Warwick University. Both are popular amongst students and university rankings. The private Arden University is also ideal for those looking for online distance learning courses. Should you decide to live in Coventry as a student, it is important to look for suitable student accommodation that is conveniently located to necessities such as supermarkets and places of interest.

This guide will explore the most popular student areas in Coventry, comparing their local amenities, and the importance of finding suitable student accommodation.

Does Barras Heath have good amenities?

Barras Heath is in the northeast region of Coventry and is popular amongst students due to its lower rent costs. The highly residential area is a short distance from both universities and Coventry train station:

  • Coventry University – 28-minute walk

  • Warwick University – 20-minute bus from the centre

  • Coventry train station – 30-minute bus or a 48-minute walk

As two main roads surround the area, students who decide to live in Barras Heath are within walking distance of various amenities.


Amongst Barras Heath, there are a few supermarkets and smaller convenience stores, including a Co-Op, Tesco Express, and a Premier, as well as a selection of off-licenses.

The area is also home to a couple of pubs, takeaways, and home improvement and repair shops.

Places of interest

Barras Heath Park may interest students as there is lots of space to relax and exercise outside of university time. During the warmer months, the open area is perfect for an alternative place to revise. The area is also within walking distance to the popular FarGo Village, which features independent shops and eateries in Coventry’s cultural quarter.

Although Barras Heath is a popular destination for students due to low rent, there are not many things to do that may enhance student life, such as a social scene or nightlife. Located between the city centre and Barras Heath, our Coventry student accommodation is perfect to access the city centre, whilst reaping the benefits of living in a quieter area.

Singer Hall is a mere 10-minute walk from Coventry University and a short distance from the city centre.

Arrange a viewing at Singer Hall, or speak to a member of our hospitality team today for more information.

What are the amenities in Bishopsgate Green like?

Located north of the city centre, Bishopsgate Green is similar to Barras Heath. Both areas are densely residential and popular with students due to their low rent costs. Bishopsgate Green is also closer to the city centre and universities.

  • Coventry University – 12-minute walk

  • Warwick University – 39-minute bus

  • Coventry train station – 28-minute walk or a 19-minute bus

The area is close to the Coventry Canal and is populated with various hotels that may be of interest to visiting friends and family.


Bishopsgate Green contains a few off-licence shops; however, for a weekly shop, students may struggle to get the necessities. The area is within walking distance of Coventry city centre, including a Tesco Express, which is a 13-minute walk away.

Places of interest

In the surrounding area of Bishopsgate Green, there are a couple of green spaces, including one with a basketball court and Swanswell Park, which has open water swimming opportunities. It is also located next to Coventry College and Kasbah nightclub; a vastly popular venue for students.

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Are the amenities in Canley suitable for students?

For students at Warwick University, Canley may be a more suitable area to live in. Canley is southwest of Coventry city centre and is within walking distance of Warwick University. The area is popular with students who prefer a quieter place to live, as Canley is full of green spaces and relaxing environments. There are also good transport links to other places, such as Coventry University and the city centre.

  • Coventry University – 22-minute bus

  • Warwick University – 8-minute walk

  • Coventry train station – 14-minute bus or a 50-minute walk

The suburban neighbourhood is within walking distance of several amenities, including:


Close to the Canley area, there is the conveniently located Cannon Park Shopping Centre. Inside, there are big brand supermarkets such as Iceland and Tesco Superstore, as well as other handy shops including Boots and Canley Post Office. For cheaper shops, students may want to shop at Aldi, which is an 8-minute walk away from Canley.

Places of interest

Canley is surrounded by various green spaces, such as a war memorial park and Canley golf club. Art lovers may be interested in venturing to the Criterion Theatre in Earlsdon, which hosts club nights and local performances.

Sunny day in coventry parkAs Canley is a quieter area, third-year and postgraduate students may be more inclined to live there. However, for those looking for a livelier social scene, Canley may not be for you.

Singer Hall is within walking distance of some of the best nightclubs in Coventry. For those looking to stay in, our Coventry student accommodation contains modern shared spaces to socialise with tenants and friends, including a common room, games room, and outdoor space.

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Should students live in Coventry city centre?

Like many regions, Coventry centre is the heart of the city. The area is close to Coventry University and has many of the best things to do in Coventry. With varying types of Coventry student accommodation options available, its city centre is popular with students due to its proximity to amenities and facilities.

  • Coventry University – 12-minute walk or an 8-minute bus

  • Warwick University – 22-minute bus

  • Coventry train station – 13-minute walk

All these distances may vary depending on where you decide to stay.


There are many different types of shops to choose from in Coventry city centre. This includes large shops Tesco Express, Home Bargains, and Sainsbury’s, as well as other discount shops and Coventry Market. There are also several shopping centres which contain fashion shops and eateries.

Although Coventry city centre has the most amenities, it may be too busy and loud for certain students, especially on weekends. If you want to be close to local amenities without the noise and bustle of a city centre, consider venturing just outside of the area.

Singer Hall is a short 20-minute walk from the city centre, and is next to Coventry University. Our Coventry student accommodation contains both newly refurbished ensuites, non-ensuite rooms and 1-bedroom apartments, depending on your preferences, all with modern facilities and access to premium shared spaces. All bills are included in the price, along with contents insurance for added security.

Student accommodation room with desk and bed spaceArrange a viewing at Singer Hall to get a better idea of our accommodation, or contact our hospitality team for more information.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of accommodation available for students in Coventry?

In Coventry, the most popular student accommodation options are typically halls of residence, student houses, private student halls, and privately rented accommodation.

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