What student accommodation options are available in Coventry?

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Although Birmingham is commonly known as a student city, many may be surprised to know that Coventry has a strong student infrastructure in place. The West Midlands city boasts three impressive universities: Coventry University, Warwick University and the private Arden University. With a wide variety of student accommodation available in Coventry, prospective students should consider what they are looking for to find the most suitable place to live whilst studying.

This guide will explore the different Coventry student accommodation options, and what to look for when booking student accommodation.

What should you look for when booking student accommodation in Coventry?

It is recommended that you start searching for student accommodation as soon as possible; typically, between September and February at the latest. This gives you ample opportunity to find a suitable student accommodation that matches your needs, and ensures enough time to book your first preference room type.

When booking Coventry student accommodation, consider the following:

  • Who you will be living with

First-year and international students may prefer university halls of residence, as they will be living with other students in a similar position. However, second and third-year students may want to choose who they live with, preferring private student accommodation.

  • The distance from the city centre and nightlife

Although residence halls are in or around the university campus, certain students may prefer to live closer to the city itself; including proximity to the centre, things to do and Coventry nightlife.

  • The facilities of the student housing

Halls of residence will include the basic facilities; however, these may be outdated and may not have been renovated in some time. For more modern facilities, students may want to consider private accommodations, which have been purpose-built.

Mansion Student provides central Coventry student accommodation, which offers a range of stylish, recently refurbished rooms. Singer Hall includes modern facilities such as communal games and social areas, study rooms, and a laundry room.

To arrange a viewing at Singer Hall, Coventry, contact Mansion Student today.

  • What is included in the price

Make sure you are fully aware of what you are paying for. This includes the tenancy length, if there are any bills included in the price, and added features. At Mansion Student, our Coventry student accommodation costs include all utility bills, contents insurance, high-speed broadband, and onsite parking.

Contact Mansion Student today to find out more about our Coventry student accommodation.

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What are the different types of student accommodation available in Coventry?

In Coventry, there is a wide range of student accommodation types available, all with their own advantages and disadvantages:

University halls of residence

Coventry University provides halls of residence, which require a £90 advance license fee to secure the room. This advanced payment counts towards the final payment. Campus accommodation includes Bishop Gate, located near the university, consisting of 9 and 10 bedroom flats, and the Parish rooms for postgraduate students.

Many first-year and international students decide to live in university halls of residence due to its proximity to the campus and other facilities, and that it is an ideal way to meet and socialise with other students.

Close or on the university campusLiving with too many people
Meet new peopleOnly have basic features
May consist of a catering optionOften smaller rooms

Privately owned accommodation

Across Coventry, many private landlords provide student accommodation throughout the academic year. This type of student housing can offer more freedom for Coventry students, who lived with their parents before moving to the city.

Yet, privately owned accommodation may not include bills, and without proper budgeting, this may lead to future issues for students.

Other advantages and disadvantages of private owned accommodation include:

More freedomMay not include bills
Variety of room types and property optionsMay be further away from the city centre or the university
May have unexpected issues (mould, dampness etc.)

Private student halls

Private student halls are available throughout Coventry, and have an array of benefits for all types of students. These types of student accommodations are typically purpose-built and include more modern features compared to other alternatives.

Other advantages and disadvantages of private student halls include:

Usually includes all billsNo catering
Located in the city centreMay be more expensive than halls
Choose who you live with
Modern features and purpose-built rooms

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Should you book private student accommodation in Coventry?

Although other types of student accommodation have their benefits, if you are looking to choose who you live with or live in a larger space, you may want to consider private student accommodation.

Singer Hall, Canterbury Street

Located in Coventry city centre and just a 10 minute walk from Coventry University, Singer Hall is the private student accommodation supplied by Mansion Student. There is a wide range of room types to choose from, including ensuites and 1 bedroom apartments.

Student accommodation room with desk and bed spaceThe price includes several bills, contents insurance, and access to communal spaces. Singer Hall tenants can enjoy socialising in communal games and social areas or studying in breakout spaces.

To find out more about our Coventry student accommodation, contact Mansion Student today to speak to our hospitality team.

Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to look for student accommodation in Coventry?

It is recommended that prospective students begin to look for student accommodation between September and November. Student accommodation viewings can coincide with university open days for students to have a better understanding of what Coventry student life would look like. From November to February, it is recommended to book student accommodation to ensure you obtain your first preference on room type.

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