How long do you stay in student accommodation? | What students should know about the tenancy length of stay

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Whether you opt for university halls of residence or private student accommodation, understanding the tenancy contract and the nuances of staying in these spaces is vital. It is helpful to be informed about the tenancy agreement, what is expected of you and the length of stay, which may vary depending on the property type.

This guide will explore everything students should know about the length of stay at the different types of student accommodations.

What should you know about staying at university halls of residence?

University halls of residence are the traditional go-to for many students, particularly first years and international students. These accommodations are typically owned and managed by the university itself. The tenancy agreements for university halls usually align with the academic calendar, spanning the length of the academic year – from September to June or July.

For university halls, the length of stay is typically a fixed-term contract. Many universities may offer the opportunity to extend the tenancy agreement through the summer months for those looking to stay in the city during the break. This should be checked before signing the tenancy agreement.

What is the length of stay in private student accommodation?

Private student accommodation offers a more diverse range of options, including modern purpose-built student accommodation and shared housing or flats. The length of stay in private student accommodation tends to be more flexible compared to university halls to cater various needs.

Similar to university halls, some private student accommodations offer the option to extend your stay through the summer months. This can be beneficial for students with summer courses, internships, or those who simply wish to stay in the area during the break. If you are considering extending the length of stay, make sure to consult with the hospitality team at the student accommodation location to discuss your options.

Also, many private student accommodations offer renewal options for those looking to book the following academic year.

Mansion Student typically provides 45 to 51 weeks of tenancy length of stay, depending on the student accommodation location and room type. We also provide student accommodation for those students starting university in January.

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How can you get your deposit back after your tenancy agreement ends?

When you are booking your student accommodation, certain landlords or agencies may ask for a holding deposit, especially if the room or area is in high demand. This holding deposit guarantees your choice of room type during the booking process, and is a good way to ensure it is processed.

After the tenancy length of stay comes to an end, your holding reposit should be returned to you within 28 days. Occasionally, you may need to follow this up if you have not received your deposit back, as in some instances, there may be a reason for this. If there is damage to your room, and requires repairs, the landlord or agency may not return your holding deposit. Instead, they may take money off the full amount if repairs are needed to be made,

To ensure you receive the full amount of your holding deposit after your tenancy length of stay, consider the following:

  • Check the tenancy agreement’s policy on wear and tear.

  • Talk to the hospitality team as soon as an accident occurs to see if this will be taken out of the deposit.

  • Try not to damage the walls with tape that may cause scuffs.

Mansion Student requires no deposit to secure a room or any additional booking fees. This makes both moving in and moving out a much smoother process, with no unnecessary charges.

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How Mansion Student can help

Since 2007, Mansion Student has acquired, developed and maintained modern student accommodations throughout some of the most popular student cities in the United Kingdom. We prioritise your welfare during your stay, and will help you through every stage of the booking and tenancy period. Browse through our different student accommodation locations below:

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Frequently asked questions

In some properties, non-students, such as young professionals and apprentices, are able to rent and live in student accommodation. Make sure you contact the hospitality team to see if this option is available before signing a tenancy agreement.

Find out more about accommodation for non-students with our expert guide here.

Mansion Student provides accommodation options for those wanting to move away from university halls of residence. Our Newcastle student accommodation contains options for working professionals, with modern facilities and high-end communal spaces.

Student accommodation living space with community areaDiscover more about our Mansion Tyne accommodation here.

Who can you talk to if you have a problem with your student accommodation?

During your stay at student accommodation, there will typically be a designated person or group that deal with student enquires.

At Mansion Student, we have a dedicated hospitality team at each of our student accommodation locations. They are on-site to help with any issues and disputes, or simply to help support you mentally if you are feeling home sick.

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