How to end student accommodation tenancy contracts | What should students know about terminating their tenancy agreement?

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Preparing and starting university is a life changing experience, which carries with it further responsibility. This includes making decisions around their stay at university, finding suitable student accommodation and budgeting. However, occasionally there may be a problems or issues with the accommodation leading to cancelling the student tenancy agreement.

This guide will explore what students should be aware of before signing their accommodation contract, and in which instances they may be able to end the agreement.

What should I check before signing a rental contract for student accommodation?

To avoid cancelling student accommodation, ensure you completely read and understand the tenancy contract by checking certain elements before signing. This includes:

Dates of the tenancy period

Before signing your tenancy agreement, check the date on which you are expected to pay from (which will typically be when you can move in from), and when you are expected to leave the accommodation. Usually, this will be the length of the academic year, from September to the following summer months.

At Mansion Student, we operate and maintain student accommodation in some of the most popular UK cities, such as Leeds and Newcastle. For students looking to stay for the entire year, we provide 51 weeks of tenancy, which is stated both on the accommodation page and in the contract. We also offer the option of a shorter tenancy for students who may be starting university in January.

Student accommodation kitchen with dining room and facilitiesContact our hospitality team to find out more information about our student accommodations.

Names on the agreement

You should check the contact details listed on the tenancy agreement, including your own, how to get in touch with the agency or landlord, and the name of your guarantor if you are using one.

Whether the contract is sole or joint

For student accommodation, tenancy contracts are divided into “joint” and “individual”. In university halls of residence and private student halls, the tenancy contract is typically an individual agreement, meaning the student is responsible for paying only their rent. In other types of accommodation, such as shared housing, there may be a joint agreement, which means all tenants share responsibility for the rent payments and the property remains in good condition.

In a joint tenancy agreement, if you or one of your housemates decide to leave the property, the other tenants must cover their share of the rent and assist in finding a replacement tenant. However, this is not the case in an individual tenancy contract, making it the preferable option.

Cancellation policy

In some instances, student accommodation operators may offer solutions for students looking to cancel their tenancy agreement. Whether this is free or requires a cancellation fee, checking the cancellation policy before signing the tenancy agreement is important to be fully aware of the options available.

Find out more about Mansion Student’s cancellation policy by browsing through the information for the 2023 to 2024 period here.

When can you cancel a student accommodation booking?

Most tenancy agreements will be fixed term, meaning you are committing to paying for the entire stay. However, nobody can predict the future, and students may find themselves looking to cancel their current student accommodation. There are several reasons for this; certain grounds may result in free cancellation according to the policy, or initiate a required fee to be paid. Reasons may include:

  • If you did not receive your expected results – students who go through Clearing may also need to alter their student accommodation booking.

  • If you are an international student and your visa was declined – for this, international students may need to provide evidence of the cancelled visa, or if they cannot travel due to restrictions.

  • If you move to another accommodation – this reason will most likely result in a cancellation fee, highlighting the importance of researching and finding suitable student accommodation before signing a tenancy agreement.

  • If you are dropping out of university – occasionally, students may find that university is not for them, or they want to go down a different avenue. This choice may also result in a cancellation fee.

No matter why you wish to cancel your student accommodation, talk to the property’s hospitality team to discuss your options. They will be able to provide you with all the required information, and what will happen should you decide to go ahead with cancelling your agreement.

Mansion Student has a hospitality team at each of our accommodation locations. We also provide student offers that vary yearly, including reduced rent and competitions to win cashback prizes. This also includes conditional offers for first-year students who did not receive their expected results to cancel their accommodation booking with no additional cancellation fee.

Contact Mansion Student today for more information.

Whose responsibility is it to find a replacement tenant?

In most private student accommodations, you will be responsible for finding a suitable replacement tenant if you decide to cancel your booking. This will be outlined in the tenancy agreement and cancellation policy documentation.

Mansion Student can help and assist where possible; however it is important to note that you will remain responsible for paying rent until a replacement tenant is found.

How do I cancel student accommodation?

To cancel student accommodation with Mansion Student, students will need to send an email to and refer to the cancellation policy. If you booked your accommodation and wish to cancel within the 3-day cooling off period, any deposits will be reimbursed.

However, cancelling after this period, before or after the move-in date, you will be required to pay a termination payment of £75, and find a suitable replacement tenant.

Cancelling your student accommodation is an unwanted additional cost and hassle. So, ensure you are completely satisfied with your booking by viewing the property beforehand, checking the tenancy agreement’s details, and finding suitable student accommodation that meets your preferences and requirements.

Mansion Student provides a range of purpose-built student accommodations, with modern features and high-end communal area facilities. All our student accommodation locations include most bills, contents insurance, and secure facilities to enhance your stay.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a third party who will take joint financial responsibility upon signing the tenancy agreement, acting as a safety net if you cannot pay the rent. The guarantor must be a permanent UK resident over the age of 25 and financially independent. If you are unable to pay the rent, your guarantor will be contacted.

For more information on parent support or when a guarantor may be needed, read our page here.

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