What furniture do you need to take to student accommodation? | The furniture considerations students should make

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Moving into student accommodation is an exciting milestone in your academic journey. It marks a transition towards independence and personal growth. However, amidst the flurry of packing and planning, furniture often requires careful consideration. Researching and comparing student accommodations is crucial before deciding whether you're moving into university halls or private student accommodation. While amenities such as location, rent, and facilities are typically prioritised, it's equally essential to assess the furniture provisions.

This guide will explore what furniture is included in different student accommodation types, what you must bring, and the best furniture options to consider.

What furniture is included in university halls?

University halls of residence often provide basic furniture to cater to students' needs. Typical furnishings include a bed (usually a small single), desk, chair, wardrobe, and sometimes additional storage units like drawers or shelves. These pieces are generally functional but may vary in quality and style depending on the accommodation provider.

While university-provided furniture ensures a baseline comfort level, it may not always align with individual preferences or needs. Some students find the provided mattresses uncomfortable or the desks insufficiently spacious for study materials. University halls are popular with first-year and international students. However, if you are looking for more modern furniture and features, you may want to consider alternative student housing, such as private accommodation.

Compare the differences between university halls and private student accommodation in our expert guide here.

What furniture is included in private student accommodation?

Private student accommodation often provides contemporary and stylish furnishings and other facilities than university halls. There is typically a greater variety of living options and room sizes to consider, including en suites, one-bedroom apartments and studios.

In addition to the essentials provided in university halls, private accommodations may furnish common areas, such as the living room and kitchen. Depending on the property, contemporary communal spaces may also exist, like cinema rooms, resident's lounges, study rooms, outdoor areas, and games rooms. There is also the option for more personalisation, enabling tenants to bring their own furniture and decorations and create a homely atmosphere.

Mansion Student provides private student accommodation in some of the biggest UK cities, including Leeds, Nottingham and Coventry. Our purpose-built student accommodation has been designed to feel like a home from home for our tenants, and we have dedicated hospitality teams at each of our properties to help with any enquiries.

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For more information, browse our student accommodation locations to find out about each property's features and furnishings included.

What are the best furniture options to bring to student accommodation?

When deciding what furniture to bring to student accommodation, practicality and versatility are key considerations. Here are some essential items to consider:

1)     Bedding: Your bed and mattress will be included in your student accommodation, however you must bring your bedding. This includes duvets, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, and other blankets. It is recommended to bring 2 bedding sets for when one is in the wash.

2)     Study Area: Though a desk and chair will be provided, you may want to invest in a sturdy and ergonomic chair to create a more conducive study environment. Adequate lighting and storage solutions such as shelves or drawers can enhance productivity and organisation.

3)     Storage Solutions: Maximising storage space is essential, especially in smaller student rooms. Consider collapsible storage boxes, under-bed storage containers, or hanging organisers to optimise space efficiently.

4)     Comfortable Seating: Besides the desk chair, having a comfortable seating option like a bean bag or armchair can provide a relaxing space for leisure activities or socialising. However, ensure you view the property beforehand, as a communal space may be available with this type of seating that may be more convenient. 

Other furnishings to consider bringing to your student accommodation include lighting options, a full-length mirror, things to remind you of home, and a drying rack.

As well as certain furniture types, ensure you bring your important documents, such as student finance, passport, NHS number, national insurance, university acceptance letters, and emergency contact details.

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Tips on how to decorate your student room without breaking the tenancy agreement

Whatever type of student accommodation you are staying in, it is important to make sure your room feels like a home during your tenancy length. Ensure that you read the tenancy agreement to avoid any issues or disputes and that adding furniture will not break any agreements.

There are simple and effective ways to decorate your room, including:

Damage-free wall hanging strips

Decorating your walls with posters, artwork, or photographs is a great way to add personality to your student room. However, drilling holes or using nails may violate the tenancy agreement and result in damage charges. 

Instead, consider removable decorations, such as adhesive hooks or picture strips, to hang posters or artwork without damaging the walls. These strips are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for temporary decorations. 

Creative bedding and colourful furnishings

As you will be required to bring your own bedding, why not be creative? Transform your student room with creative bedding and colourful furnishings to inject vibrancy and personality into the space. Choose bedding sets with bold patterns or bright colours to add visual interest to your bed area – whatever your preferences are. It gives you ample opportunity to make the room your own.

Consider investing in a statement rug in your favourite shades to tie the room together and add a pop of colour. These affordable and easily replaceable items allow you to experiment with different styles and themes without permanently altering the room.

Mansion Student have teamed up with UniKitOut to offer kitchen, bathroom and bedding kits; making moving in that much easier. Simply quote MANSION10 at checkout for an exclusive 10% discount.

Add some houseplants

Introducing houseplants into your student room not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers numerous benefits, including improved air quality and mood enhancement. Consider low-maintenance plants such as succulents or spider plants, which require minimal care and thrive indoors.

All types of lighting

Experiment with different types of lighting to create a dynamic and functional space. Consider incorporating desk lamps for studying, and bedside lamps for relaxing or reading in bed. Fairy lights are a popular addition to student rooms to add not just light, but also a quirky ambience. By layering different types of lighting, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your student room while adhering to the tenancy agreement.

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Arrange a viewing at one of our student accommodation properties, or contact the Mansion Student team for more information.

Frequently asked questions

What must you do at the end of your student accommodation tenancy?

Once you decide to move out of your student accommodation, ensure that you have all your belongings and that the room is in the same condition as you found it. You will most likely need to fill out an inspection form to drop off at the same time as your keys.

At Mansion Student, our tenants can either book a checkout appointment with the dedicated hospitality team at that student accommodation property or leave their keys at a dedicated location. Our staff will inspect the rooms afterwards to determine if everything is in order.

Find out more about what happens when you move out of student accommodation here.

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