Moving Out

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What happens when I check out?

When it is time to checkout you can either make a checkout appointment for a room inspection with the Hospitality team or, you can leave your keys at a designated location, and we will inspect your room after your departure.

Please ensure that you complete the Checkout Inspection form before you leave. Please remember to leave your accommodation in the same condition as it was when you checked-in; clean and rubbish free, or extra charges may apply for damage/cleaning.

Can I check out before the end of my tenancy?

If you decide to check out before your contract ends then please let the onsite team know and we will arrange a room inspection before/after your departure. Please ensure that the room is clean as charges may apply.

Please note that if you wish to leave early you are still liable for the rent up to when your tenancy ends and no refunds will be issued.

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