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As one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, Durham University and the city itself has a lot to offer potential students. With its rich history and various cultural features, thousands of students enrol at the university each year, requiring student accommodation throughout the term time.

Although Durham is much smaller compared to cities such as Manchester and Newcastle, this only means that all amenities are close by and student friendly. There are certain property types and areas which are frequently occupied by students from all years. Check out this helpful guide on the biggest student areas in Durham and where you should live during your time at the university.

What type of accommodation in Durham should you choose?

Durham offers a range of accommodation types to suit your needs and requirements, influencing your preferred location.

Halls of residence

Typically, university halls of residence are often occupied by first-year and international students. This is because it is an ideal way to connect with other students in a similar situation, whilst also remaining close to the university.

Private accommodation

After the first year, students tend to not live in student halls, as they prefer to choose whom they live with. Though it can be exciting not knowing who you will be living with in the first year, once you make friends, private accommodation allows students to make more decisions and have assurances.

Is Gilesgate the best place to live as a student?

Although Gilesgate is located further away from the centre than other places, this also creates ample opportunities for students. Gilesgate’s local atmosphere is culturally diverse and has some affordable yet luxurious student accommodations available.

Ernest Place, Renny’s Lane

Located in Gilesgate, Ernest Place has various amenities featured in the accommodation block for all tenants to utilise whenever they want. This includes a sauna, gym, sky lounge, social rooms, rooftop terrace and cinema room.

At Mansion Student, we want to make our tenants’ lives as convenient as possible. For all Durham students at Ernest Place, we offer a free bus pass to make travelling to and from the city centre simple. For more information on Ernest Place, Read more more information on Ernest Place.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Durham University have accommodation?

Yes. Durham University provides different accommodation blocks on its campus, including within the Durham Castle walls.

How much is student housing in Durham?

This all depends on the type of accommodation and the location. Typically, halls of residence start at £149 per week, compared to the much lower rates of shared houses. To keep down the costs, consider living outside of the city centre.

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