A full guide to factors to consider when choosing student accommodation

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As students prepare to embark on the university journey, one of the initial challenges awaiting is selecting the ideal accommodation. Far beyond just a place to lay your head, the right student accommodation helps shape much of the university experience. When finding student accommodation, certain considerations must be factored into the final decision, including the size, and location compared to the city and university.

This guide summarises the most important considerations a student should make when choosing student accommodation, and how Mansion Student can help.

What should students consider when choosing a student accommodation size?

Various room sizes are available in all types of student accommodation, including university halls and private student accommodation. Typical styles include ensuites, non-ensuites, apartments and studios. The room sizes will depend on the student accommodation building and available rooms. This includes:

·        Premium non-ensuite

·        Classic ensuite

·        Premium ensuite

·        Classic studio

·        Premium studio

·        One-bedroom apartments

Ultimately, the choice of student accommodation comes down to your own decisions and preferences. When booking student accommodation, consider your needs and what will support your stay during the tenancy length.

For more information, read our expert guide on the size considerations to make when choosing student accommodation here.

What amenities should students consider when finding accommodation?

Amenities will vary depending on the type of student accommodation (university halls or private student halls, for example), and the room size. Standard rooms will include beds, wardrobes and desks with shared kitchen facilities, laundry and communal spaces.

It is also important to consider not only the student accommodation amenities but also, where the building is located and close to. A major part of university life and the student experience may depend on living in a new city and trying different things. Exterior amenities include:

·        Shops and supermarkets

·        University resources

·        Gym and other leisure activities

·        Nightlife

·        Transport links

Read our guide on amenities to consider when finding student accommodation for more information.

What are the different transportation factors to consider when finding student accommodation?

Good transport links play a crucial role in helping students feel connected to their surroundings, especially in a new city. Being able to easily navigate the city and explore different neighbourhoods fosters a sense of belonging and familiarity, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Living in student accommodation with good transport connections empowers students to seize these opportunities and embrace all their new city offers. Mansion Student provides private accommodation in some of the most popular UK cities. Our student properties are within walking distance of the university and other amenities or located near bus stops to ensure convenient travel.

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What furniture do you need to take to student accommodation?

In addition to the essentials provided in university halls, private accommodations may furnish common areas, such as the living room and kitchen. Depending on the property, contemporary communal spaces like cinema rooms, resident's lounges, study rooms, outdoor areas, and games rooms may also exist. There is also the option for more personalisation, enabling tenants to bring their own furniture and decorations and create a homely atmosphere.  

Browse our essential checklist below for what is included in your student accommodation, and helpful tips on what you should bring when you move in:

Student accomodation checklist

Which facilities should you look out for when finding student accommodation?

When comparing student accommodation options, consider the availability of communal spaces designed to facilitate interaction and camaraderie. This includes: 

·        Communal spaces 

·        Living rooms and lounges 

·        Cinema rooms 

·        Outdoor areas 

·        Games rooms

Also, students should consider choosing accommodation that provides security facilities, such as  secure entry and CCTV, on-site maintenance and dedicated hospitality teams to help throughout their tenancy length.

Proximity considerations to make when choosing student accommodation

Living in student accommodation near the university campus offers a range of advantages, particularly for certain groups of students, such as first-years and international students. Campus living (or closely located student housing) is beneficial as it is convenient for student events and opportunities for social engagement. However, while university facilities are nearby, other amenities such as supermarkets, gyms, or entertainment venues may require a longer journey.  

On the other hand, mature students, postgraduates or second/third years may benefit from living further away from the university campus. Housing options further away may also offer more spacious living arrangements, including larger bedrooms, shared common areas, or outdoor spaces; allowing students to foster more independence.

What to know about maintenance and cleaning in student accommodations

Depending on the type of student accommodation, there are various cleaning and maintenance facilities, and considerations must be made. Private student accommodation, particularly purpose-built student housing, often boasts dedicated hospitality teams responsible for cleaning shared areas and maintenance. These teams ensure a higher standard of cleanliness and prompt attention to any maintenance issues that may arise.

In shared student accommodation, the responsibility for cleaning commonly falls on the residents themselves. Establishing clear agreements and routines among housemates is crucial to maintaining a hygienic environment and preventing disputes.

Mansion Student provides a range of purpose-built student accommodations across the UK. Depending on the property, there are a variety of room types and amenities available, including ensuites, one-bedroom apartments, and communal spaces such as cinema rooms and study areas. We provide dedicated hospitality teams in our properties to ensure  assistance and support throughout your tenancy length.

For more information on our student accommodations, contact the Mansion Student team today.

Frequently asked questions

What are the main things to look for in student accommodation?

When looking for student accommodation, students may want to consider certain things. These include a location near campus and amenities, the price, facilities like laundry and security, room types, social atmosphere, safety measures, and contract terms. 

For more information, read our expert guide on comparing property types of student accommodation.

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