Fire Safety

Fire exit safety sign

Fire is the main hazard in any residential accommodation. Most people underestimate the speed with which fire or smoke spreads in a building. For your own safety, always follow the rules.


  • Make yourself familiar with the emergency escape routes from your room, flat, floor, and building. Your nearest emergency escape route may not be the same as the normal route in and out of the building. Please note that some of the fire exits will be designated as emergency fire exits only and for security purposes should not be used for normal access to and from the building. Inform the Hospitality Team immediately if you find an emergency exit door open or escape fastening broken.

  • Do not obstruct fire exit routes or doors. If you find that these are blocked or that an exit is restricted, inform the Hospitality Team immediately.

  • Do not tamper with, obstruct, cover or remove any notice or equipment provided for fire safety.

  • Fire doors prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Make sure that they are kept closed and are not obstructed.

  • Your accommodation has fire and smoke detection systems which must not be covered. Detectors can accidently be activated by steam from the showers, cooking, hairspray, hairdryers, hair straighteners and deodorant spray!

  • Smoking is not permitted in any internal areas of your building. It is only permitted in the designated areas. If you are unsure where these are, please contact your Hospitality Team.

  • Electrical appliances should be switched off and unplugged after use and whenever you leave the room.

  • Cooking appliances or apparatus must not be used in the bedroom.

  • Candles can be extremely dangerous, for that reason, it is not permissible under the terms of your tenancy to use candles within your flat/room. This also includes the use of incense sticks.

Please read and make yourself familiar with the full fire safety regulations

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