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Leeds is home to a number of universities, including the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett and Leeds Trinity University. With thousands of students each year, many vary in their choice of Leeds student accommodation. Consider the student life you want and choose an accommodation location accordingly, whether this is close to the university campus or living centrally located with access to all that Leeds City offers.

This guide will explore everything you need to know about the most popular student housing locations in Leeds. We will cover the differences between halls and private accommodation for first year students and the available Leeds accommodation options, including Hyde Park and Woodhouse.

Where is the best place to live as a student in Leeds?

Leeds is a busy and exciting city, home to numerous universities. To make the most of student life, you will want to choose appropriate accommodation that meets all your specific needs, depending on your priorities. Consider whether you prefer a short commute to the campus and enjoy the student buzz, or would you like a bit more peace and quiet when you get home. No matter your choice, there’s a perfect student accommodation in Leeds for you.

The most popular student locations in Leeds are Hyde Park, Headingley, and Woodhouse. Here, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of these locations for students.

Hyde Park

Nestled northwest of Leeds city centre, Hyde Park boasts a dynamic atmosphere, making it a student favourite. Here, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in Hyde Park:


Thanks to its large student population, Hyde Park buzzes with creating a lively environment ripe with opportunities for socialising and engagement. Convenience is key, with a plethora of shops and takeaways nearby, ensuring residents have easy access to daily essentials and culinary delights.

The esteemed University of Leeds is just a 15-minute walk away, while Leeds Beckett University is conveniently situated within a 25-minute stroll.


While Hyde Park offers a welcome respite from the bustle of the City Centre, its distance, requiring a 30-minute walk, may be seen as a drawback for those wanting to be closer to urban amenities—though others may appreciate the distance. Students should also be wary as Hyde Park has a notably higher crime rate compared to other areas in Leeds.

The area’s vibrant atmosphere has a constant hum of activity, which may prove overwhelming for those in search of peace and quiet.

Very livelyCity centre is a 30-minute walk
Populated with other studentsCrime rate is quite high
Many shops and takeaways nearbyThe area can get busy and too noisy
University of Leeds: 15-minute walkLeeds train station: -minute walk
Leeds Beckett: 25-minute walk


Popular amongst students, Headingley is situated north of Leeds centre, offering cheaper and more varied accommodation. However, depending on their preferences, its distance from Leeds city centre and universities may put off certain prospective tenants. Browse the benefits and drawbacks of Headingley below:


Embracing its less central location, Headingley offers students a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city living, perfect for those craving a quieter environment. Surrounded by an abundance of parks, green spaces, and sports grounds, Headingley is ideal for outdoor and nature lovers, offering relaxation and recreation outside of lectures.

For students attending Leeds Trinity University, Headingley stands as the nearest accommodation option, providing unparalleled convenience for those pursuing studies at this esteemed institution.


Despite its attraction, Headingley student accommodation can lead to lengthy commutes of up to an hour to Leeds city centre and its train station. The lack of amenities may pose logistical challenges, with limited options for shops, takeaways, and bars, leaving residents craving greater convenience in their daily lives.

Similarly, access to the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University may require a 45-minute commute from Headingley, necessitating careful planning and time management for students navigating academic commitments.

Offers more freedom and spaceUp to an hour away from City Centre
Located near many parks, green spaces and sports groundsUp to a 45-minute walk to other universities
Closest location to Leeds TrinityLimited shops, takeaways and nightlife

For more information, read our expert guide on the best areas in Leeds with amenities for students here.


Woodhouse emerges as yet another favoured spot among students, nestled between Hyde Park and the city centre. This locale is often hailed for offering a harmonious blend of residential perks.


Woodhouse is within walking distance to both the University of Leeds (5-minutes), and Leeds Beckett University (10-15 minutes). Perfect to ensure convenience throughout the university term. Nestled next to the expansive Woodhouse Moor, this area serves as a focal point for student gatherings and outdoor leisure, boasting both social vibrancy and scenic charm at the heart of the city.

Woodhouse is also closely located in Leeds city centre, offering residents easy access to urban amenities without sacrificing the tranquillity of suburban living.


Some residents may see Woodhouse as less lively compared to the vibrant energy of neighbouring districts. However, its proximity to the city centre, Woodhouse Moor, and Hyde Park ensure that social scenes are within walking distance.

Close to universitiesMight be less lively than other areas
Located near shops, takeaways and popular student nightlifeFurther away from certain resouces
15 to 20 minutes from Leeds city centre
Less noisy and busy than the city centre

One of the main advantages of Woodhouse is its closeness to popular student bars, with the renowned Library Bar standing out as a student favourite, just minutes away from residential enclaves.

Read our expert guide on the best nightlife in Leeds, including pubs, bars and nightclubs, for more information.

Leeds halls of residence vs private accommodation

Many students entering their first year of university will choose to live in halls of residence. University halls have many benefits, including the social aspect, as you get to know fellow students who may be on your course or just like you are a first year. However, many students aren’t aware of the possibility of private accommodation.

Halls of residence

Many students will be allocated university halls in Headingley as more space for large, affordable student properties, further away from the city centre is available. However, Headingly is the furthest student housing location from the city centre, university campus buildings, amenities, and the train station. It may, therefore, not be the preferred location for first-year students looking to get the most out of the bustling city.

Student hall properties may not offer high-quality rooms and amenities, while sharing with so many flatmates may not be desirable.

Private student accommodation

The benefit of private accommodation is that you tend to share with fewer other students, making living together less challenging. You may prefer to share with a larger group – in which case, stick to halls – otherwise, explore your private accommodation options in Leeds.

Privately rented accommodation tends to be located more centrally, near local amenities , campus buildings and the city centre. Private locations are student-focused to offer the best university experience possible.

Private accommodation can offer better amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, and social spaces such as cinema rooms, games rooms and common rooms. Purpose-built student accommodation can provide modern properties with robust, round-the-clock security and contents insurance for greater peace of mind.

Bed, desk and laptop in student accommodationFind out more about our private Leeds student accommodation, Austin Hall, here.

Leeds student accommodation: Woodhouse

Although Hyde Park, Headingley and Woodhouse all have their qualities, it is Woodhouse that comes out on top. Its proximity to local amenities, university campuses, the Leeds City Centre and social green spaces can’t be beaten.

Whether you go to the University of Leeds, Leeds College, Leeds Arts University, Leeds Conservatoire or Leeds Beckett University, Woodhouse accommodation offers the best of both worlds. You can experience vibrant student living without the long commutes, security concerns or the constant racket.

Mansion Student provides Leeds student accommodation in the Woodhouse area. With its fantastic location and proximity to Leeds nightlife and universities, our Woodhouse flats vary in room size and facilities to accommodate your preferences:

  • Austin Hall: Arranged in clusters of 4 to 6 bedrooms, this Leeds accommodation features a common room, games room, and security features and has ensuites and studios available.

  • Woodhouse Flats: Newly renovated in 2022, our Woodhouse flats provide high-quality, modern ensuites that are perfect for socialising with students and other tenants.

  • Asquith House: Sitting alongside Austin Hall, this accommodation comprises classic and premium studios and ensuites, with various communal areas, and all bills included in the rent.

Our Woodhouse properties offer the best of student living. You can choose to share a Woodhouse flat with your current university friends, or you can choose to move in with a group of new people and make the most of moving to a new city for university.

Book a viewing at any of our student accommodation properties with young student doing ok hand gestureIf you are interested in booking our Leeds accommodation, or would like more information, contact Mansion Student today.

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