What to know about maintenance and cleaning in student accommodations | Halls vs private accommodation considerations

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On the hunt for a university place and subsequently choosing suitable accommodation, students must consider various factors beyond the location and price. Many first-year students instinctively gravitate towards university halls of residence, whereas others may want to live off-campus in private student halls and accommodations. One often overlooked accommodation consideration is the level of cleanliness and maintenance services the property provides.

This guide will explore the various maintenance and cleaning considerations students should make when finding student accommodation, and how Mansion Student can help.

Do university halls offer cleaning and maintenance services?

University halls typically provide basic cleaning services for communal areas such as corridors, kitchens, and bathrooms. However, the frequency and thoroughness of these services can vary depending on the institution and specific accommodation. Regular cleaning of communal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and corridors is common, and usually carried out by designated cleaning staff. The university's maintenance team also addresses maintenance requests for essential repairs, which are also discussed by the university's maintenance team, ensuring a relatively hassle-free living experience for students.

Students looking to live on campus may want to inquire about the cleaning schedule and what areas are covered to manage expectations accordingly.

Should you consider private student accommodation with a dedicated hospitality team?

Private student accommodation, particularly purpose-built student housing, often boasts dedicated hospitality teams responsible for cleaning and maintenance. These teams ensure a higher standard of cleanliness and prompt attention to any maintenance issues that may arise. While such accommodations may come at a higher cost, the added convenience and peace of mind can significantly enhance the overall living experience.

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At Mansion Student, we provide private student accommodations across the UK. Each of our properties includes various maintenance and cleaning facilities included within the rent, such as contents insurance, CCTV, and hospitality offices.

Our student accommodation properties contain bespoke hospitality teams, and are located in the following cities:

·        Coventry

·        Dundee

·        Durham

·        Leeds

·        Newcastle

·        Nottingham

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Who is responsible for cleaning your student accommodation?

Typically, you and your flatmates will share cleaning responsibilities for communal areas, including the kitchen and any living spaces. To maintain harmony and avoid arguments, try to agree on a cleaning schedule to help keep these spaces neat.

However, this may vary depending on the type of student accommodation and the provider. Check the terms and agreements of your tenancy contract before booking student accommodation. You may find that the cleaning staff of the student accommodation are responsible for checking communal areas, and that the student should take care of their bedroom and bathroom.

Some accommodations may offer optional cleaning services at an extra cost, allowing students to delegate tasks to professionals if preferred.

Whatever the case, tenants must leave their student accommodation in the same condition as they found it. At the end of the tenancy, check and clean the entire flat, ensuring everything is in place and tidy. This is to ensure that your deposit is returned, if your room requires one when booking.

For more information, read our expert guide explaining student tenancies and contracts here.

Top tips for cleaning student accommodation

Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, maintaining cleanliness in your living space is crucial for your well-being and comfort. Here are some top tips for keeping your student accommodation clean:

1)     Establish a cleaning schedule: Set aside specific times each week to clean your room and shared areas to prevent clutter and maintain a hygienic environment. 

2)     Use storage solutions: Invest in storage containers, shelves, and organisers to keep your belongings organised and prevent messiness. 

3)     Share responsibilities: If you're living in shared accommodation, communicate with your flatmates and divide cleaning tasks fairly to ensure everyone contributes to maintaining cleanliness. 

4)     Regularly clean high-touch surfaces: Disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops to prevent the spread of germs. 

5)     Don't neglect the kitchen and bathroom: These areas are prone to accumulating dirt and bacteria, so make sure to clean them regularly to prevent unpleasant odours and potential health hazards.

What maintenance and cleaning considerations should you make when choosing student accommodation?

When choosing student accommodation, amongst other considerations, look at the maintenance and cleaning facilities provided. You will be residing in this property for a long time, so it is important to research beforehand how the accommodation's staff will look after you, whether services are lacking, and what your cleaning responsibilities are during your stay.

Consider the following maintenance and cleaning factors when finding student accommodation:

·        If there is an on-site hospitality team: As anything can happen unexpectedly during your tenancy length, it is beneficial to consider student accommodations with a dedicated hospitality team on the premises. Hospitality teams will assist in various situations, including repairs, any issues with the flat, and mental health concerns. At Mansion Student, our on-site hospitality teams are trained in mental health first aid to help support our tenants.

·        The security measures in place: Apart from a dedicated hospitality team to help with any repairs or guidance, consider the security facilities of the student accommodation. This may include CCTV surveillance, secure entry systems using a fob, contents insurance and lockable bedrooms. 

·        Viewing the property: The best way to gauge student accommodation before booking is to view the property. By arranging a viewing, prospective tenants can see how the accommodation is kept and the maintenance facilities in place.

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·        Maintenance response times: Inquire how quickly the accommodation provider addresses maintenance issues. Prompt resolution of maintenance issues is crucial for your comfort and safety. 

·        Reviews and recommendations: Positive reviews from current or previous tenants can be helpful when choosing student accommodation. It can help better understand the maintenance and cleaning services in place, how often they are utilised and the response times as well.

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Maintenance and cleaning considerations are pivotal aspects of choosing student accommodation in the UK. Whether opting for university halls or private accommodation, evaluating the level of cleanliness, maintenance support, and overall convenience is essential for ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience during your university years.

Mansion Student continues to source, acquire, and manage purpose-built student accommodations in some of the UK's most sought-after student cities. We are committed to providing our tenants with quality accommodation services, including secure facilities and on-site hospitality teams to deal with maintenance and cleaning concerns.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there be inspections of student accommodation?

Yes, student accommodation inspections are common. Both university halls and private student accommodation providers may conduct periodic inspections to ensure cleanliness, safety, and adherence to regulations. These inspections aim to maintain a high standard of living conditions for students and address any issues promptly.