Living with Mansion Student | Information for International Students

What you can expect from Mansion Student


At Mansion Student, we specialise in delivering exceptional student accommodation. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and secure environment whilst also establishing a dynamic international community experience for all who lives with us.

And our ANUK accreditation gives you peace of mind that you are staying in a reputable property with a provider whose commitment is to provide you with a first-class accommodation service.

Our dedicated Hospitality Teams

Our Hospitality and Maintenance teams are on hand to deliver an outstanding personal service, helping students to acclimatise and settle in quickly. Our Hospitality Teams have knowledge of the local areas that enable them to provide their students with any information they may need, such as where their local amenities and place of study are located. with any queries you may have!

So throughout your stay with us you know you can come to us with any queries you may have!

We care about our students

We are dedicated to creating vibrant, dynamic student communities where each student feels at home. So our staff go out of their way to welcome new arrivals, get to know them, and encourage them to take part in our now famous monthly events! We want our students to embrace and enjoy their entire experience in the UK.

We care about the properties in which our students live

We also have an onsite Facilities Team and our online maintenance reporting service ensures that reported issues are dealt with quickly. We take maintenance seriously and seek to prevent faults through pro-active monthly flat inspections. We carry out a thorough cleaning and maintenance programme across all our sites annually. This ensures the room you move into is fully prepared to a high standard.

Why Choose us?...

Airport pick-up

Mansion Student will provide an airport pick up service to take you straight to your new accommodation.
(Minimum group of 4 students).

Kitchen and bedding pack

We can arrange, for a small additional cost, a bedding and kitchen pack to be in your room upon arrival to help you settle in quickly and comfortably.

For bedding and kitchen essentials visit

MANSION15 for a 10% discount on any orders.

WiFi & flat screen TV

All bedrooms come with broadband internet access. WiFi is now included in the majority of our properties. Most flats are also provided with a flat screen TV in the shared living areas, while most studios also have a flat screen TV.
(Flat screen TVs not available in the following properties: Fitzhardinge House. WiFi not available in Fitzhardinge House)

Close proximity to university

All of our sites are carefully chosen for easy access to your place of study and other key local amenities.

Secure living

Your security is very important to us. Each site has CCTV and each student that lives with us has the benefit of secure door entry systems to the grounds and buildings, flats and study bedrooms

Hospitality Team

All of our properties are served by a dedicated Hospitality Team which includes a Hospitality Manager, Hospitality Assistant, a Facilities Assistant and a Housekeeper during working hours. Out of working hours there is a Resident Student Warden who lives on site and acts as a point of contact for the student.

Living with others

One of the most rewarding aspects of living in this kind of accommodation is the opportunity to establish close friendships with students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

All rents inclusive of utility bills

All rents are inclusive of utility bills so there are no hidden costs.

Reassurance for parents

Parents can be reassured that their son/daughter will be living in accommodation that is safe, secure and of a high standard, and that the Hospitality Team are available to contact should they need reassurance that their son/daughter is happy in his/her new home.