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University Update

Durham University

As you might guess, re-opening a campus is a much more difficult proposition than closing one down. The government is finding this to be true with the lockdown more generally. I will be communicating in more detail about our campus recovery and future teaching plans in the weeks ahead, both to continuing students and to freshers. In the very broadest terms we have a Plan A and a Plan B for Michaelmas Term, both of which are based on Induction Week beginning on 28 September 2020 with teaching to follow from 5 October 2020. 

Plan A is what I will call the full residential and educational experience. We will have a timetable in place to run the academic year as ‘normal’ in the event that Covid-19 disappears over the summer and that we can safely re-open all of our buildings – the health and safety of our students, staff and local communities always being our first priority.

Plan B

Sadly, we don’t expect that we will be in Plan A territory in Michaelmas Term. Our base case assumption is our Plan B, which describes a spectrum of actions between ‘normal’ and ‘full lockdown’. Plan B assumes that we will still have 2m social distancing in place in Autumn 2020. This will mean that we can run our teaching estate at about 20% of capacity – a lecture theatre designed for 200 might safely only be able to seat c.40. 

This will entail new ways of learning and socialising, the details of which we are working through. It is highly likely that most or all lectures in Michaelmas Term will be ‘online’ and asynchronous. (We are not assuming yet that this has to be the case for the entire academic year: let’s see where we are in the Autumn and keep our options open for as long as we can).

Face to face learning

We do, though, want to ensure that Durham students on campus get as much face to face contact with their teachers and peers as we can safely provide. Accordingly, we will open up rooms we haven’t previously used for teaching and use all of our estate as safely and efficiently as we can.  Our aim will be to deliver a large amount of our small group teaching in the same format as we would in any other year, albeit with fewer people in a teaching room or laboratory at any one time. 

We will also do our very best to deliver large parts of the Durham Difference – as much as we can, that is to say, of the extraordinary wider student experience that is offered in our Colleges and through Experience Durham and the Student Union. 

Again, this won’t be easy and some of the delivery will be online.  But we are committed to ensuring that Durham students get the most they can out of being in Durham during these difficult times.

Preparing for the future

More soon on our more specific plans, including on our efforts to ensure a truly safe and healthy campus. More, too, on our responsibilities to the City and the new guidelines we will need to put in place to provide assurances to our local communities.  Also, on what we would do in another enforced Lockdown, at which point all of our teachings would have to put back online (and we will be ready to do this, if we have to).  And, most of all, far more on what we can and will do for Durham students who can’t be with us in Durham City at any given point(s) in academic year 2020-21.

University of Manchester
‘The confirmed start of year schedule for undergraduate students in 2020/21 is outlined below. If you have any specific queries, please contact your academic School/Department, but more details about the precise timetable during this period will follow and we’ll keep in touch with our future students regularly over the next few months.

New undergraduate and foundation year students:
·         Week commencing Monday, 21 September: University welcome and induction programme
·         Week commencing Monday, 28 September: School and programme induction activities
·         Week commencing Monday, 5 October: Teaching starts’

Manchester Metropolitan University

New Students September 2020: We plan to start our next academic year as planned in September. Term will therefore start on Monday 14 September for the majority of our programmes.

We are developing plans to deliver some on-campus learning for most courses, and will be delivering a combination of some online and some on-campus teaching throughout the year, while following national guidelines to secure student and staff wellbeing.

Newcastle University

Where possible and where social distancing allows, our seminars, tutorials and lab work will continue to be taught on campus face to face to ensure you have every opportunity to engage with our world-leading academics and your peers.

New Students September 2020: Our new academic year will start on 28 September, and we’re planning for teaching to start on 19 October for the majority of students. There will be some exceptions in Medicine, Dentistry and a number of PGT programmes, and offer-holders will be contacted separately about this.

Our teaching and learning will be offered online during semester one for most courses, so if students don’t feel safe coming on to campus, or are unable to do so, they will be fully supported to access appropriate learning opportunities.

Northumbria University

We took the decision to move all face-to-face teaching online from Monday 16 March and following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 March, all academic buildings are now closed. All accommodation buildings will remain open.

New Students September 2020: The new academic year will start in September as planned. New students will be welcomed from Monday 21st September with continuing students starting their teaching from Monday 28th September.

University of Bristol

Term for all students commences on 5 October 2020. Teaching will start in this week. On-campus teaching for postgraduate taught programmes will begin on 19 October 2020.

How we deliver our courses will depend on government guidance on social distancing at the time. We are preparing for all different scenarios in order to maintain the excellent teaching offered at Bristol.

If you are unable to travel to Bristol, we will be making arrangements for online access to your programme of study.

Many programmes are taught through small-group settings such as seminars, lab classes and tutorials. We will seek to continue to teach these in person, while following any national safety guidelines in place at the time. Supervision for research projects will continue in person or online as appropriate.

University of the West of England

We have moved to online teaching for the rest of the academic year. Online provision has been put in place for you to engage with your studies remotely.

New Students September 2020: We continue to welcome applications from students and endeavour to support our applicants as far as possible. However, we are aware of the difficulties that some of our applicants may face as a result of challenging circumstances in their home countries.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and we are working with sector organisations to identify what actions may be required to support affected applicants and will communicate any changes to applicants in due course.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham will start the new academic year on Monday 21 September 2020, as planned. Unless circumstances change (and we will let our applicants know if they do), our campuses will be open and – following all national safety guidelines – we look forward to welcoming you into our community here in Nottingham.

Due to travel restrictions, our spring/summer courses will be delivered online. Our tutors are working hard to make sure that all students can access their English language and academic skills course.

Nottingham Trent University

‘Our intention is that we will be physically open from this September and we will welcome you to Nottingham.’

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has confirmed its campuses will reopen for the next academic year. The institution has said it will take a “blended approach” to its teaching this autumn that will be made up of “a mixture of on-campus, in-class teaching alongside online learning”.

Details of exactly how this will be rolled out are still being worked through, such as how lectures on its Clifton, city, and Brackenhurst campuses will take place to ensure communal areas are in line with social distancing guidance.

Professor Peck added: “You can expect the same high-quality teaching, learning resources and support that you have available to you now or that has encouraged you to apply.

“We are working in close collaboration with our partners at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union to rethink how we approach the social aspect of university life, whilst keeping us all safe, and we will publish more information as soon as we can.”

Nottingham Trent Students’ Union president Bradley Fox, added: “We are going to work closely with NTU to make sure our students have an enjoyable experience and support the announcement the university have made.

The University of Nottingham is currently in the planning stages of setting out how it plans to deliver teaching for 2020/21.

Article Source: Nottingham Post

Sheffield Hallam University

It is our intention that our campus will be open for the 2020-21 academic year. Term will start on 28 September 2020 for the majority of students. We will be in touch with those students who have different start dates.

We are planning a mixture of face-to-face campus-based and online teaching, with timetables adjusted in line with the Government’s prevailing advice to limit the number of students on campus at any one time.

University of Sheffield

As we expect social distancing measures to be in place for several months, we are considering a range of options for how we can best deliver our courses in the Autumn. The University is currently planning to offer a blend of face-to-face teaching in small groups in Sheffield, where social distancing can be maintained, supported by digital delivery. This means that the campus will be open for the 2020/21 academic year and, where reasonably possible, you will be expected to attend.

University of Leeds

We are continuing to make preparations to welcome our new students in September as usual. We’re working hard on developing our plans to ensure our teaching is flexible, including online and face to face learning, as we understand some students may not be able to attend campus or travel to the UK. You’ll still receive the same high-quality learning experience, whatever your circumstances. If this situation changes and we have to make alternative arrangements, including flexibility with start dates we will write to notify you.

Leeds Beckett University

We are currently developing detailed plans for when we re-open our campuses in September. Our clear priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff while still delivering the rewarding and stimulating university experience you will expect.

Our academic year will begin at the normal time, which for many of our students will be week commencing 21 September (please note some courses have different term dates, this information can be found on the online prospectus on the relevant course pages).

We are working to provide you with as much clarity as possible and with the assurance that we are planning ahead for the start of the new academic year at Beckett.

Leeds Arts University

We are now delivering teaching and support online, and staff are working from home. Support for students is available through Student Welfare, Academic Support, English Language Support and Careers.

Following current advice from the UK Government all our physical open days this term have been cancelled. We will be replacing them with online open days where possible. If you have signed up for an open day we will be contacting you by email with the new online open day date.

New Students September 2020: If you plan to apply for September 2021 then we will hopefully be able to host open days in autumn 2020.

Leeds Trinity University

Based on the current trajectory of the pandemic in the UK, and the planned gradual relaxation of government restrictions, we are planning for our campus to reopen for teaching and accommodation from September 2020. To enable social distancing, teaching in Semester 1 is likely to be provided via a blended approach which combines on-campus teaching in small groups and online learning and teaching. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and government guidance and will adjust plans as necessary to ensure our community’s health and wellbeing. This will always be our priority. More details on term start dates will be provided soon.

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